Examples of Original marriage proposals

 We offer you 20 unusual varieties marriage proposals. Perhaps some of them take advantage of it is you.

    Examples of Original marriage proposals
  1. Agree to the waiter that he brought her favorite dessert with the ring inside. (Be careful that she does not swallow it).
  2. Take her to the theater and ask the administrator to allow you to go on stage and make an offer immediately after the performance.
  3. You will be in her office in the middle of the day with a red rose, champagne bottle and glass, in which place the ring.
  4. Write with chalk on the street beneath her windows "(girl's name)! You marry me? "
  5. Call the local radio station and ask them to announce your proposal live in a time when you will know that she / he hears. Dedicate her a song.
  6. Gather all your friends and the whole family together in a cafe, restaurant or at home, and offer your hand and heart.
  7. Gather your friends and your relatives around her house and presented them with signs reading: "Do you marry me?" And stand up for yourself in front of all on one knee, holding a ring.
  8. Arrange for someone to bring her to work telegram, which will be described in your romantic feelings. A few minutes after delivery (as it has yet to read it all) sign themselves and ask your question.
  9. Create a web page on the web: everything about your life together. Photos, places that mean a lot to you both. Send her an SMS with the address of your page and a few romantic phrases. Most importantly, do not forget to write home page coveted question.
  10. Take a big box, put it in a smaller, less then another and finally the smallest box put the ring. It will be interesting if every box issue in the form of a gift (it will be interesting to deploy them all). And you can take a plastic box or anything glass and fill its entire foam and put a ring on the bottom. Sure, no one has ever made it such a gift!
  11. Find a large box and bring your favorite to work. Apply for it (the box, not the girl) nice and ask someone to tell your girlfriend that she brought a parcel. At this time themselves climb up into the box and when she opens the gift, then you will see there - the man of her dreams with a ring in his hand. Go for it!
  12. Call her on the nature (picnic) and there "to the sounds of the nightingale" tell her about his feelings.
  13. Get up early, cook her favorite breakfast, do not forget the rose and champagne. Wake up to your favorite passionate kiss and ask your question.
  14. Scatter rose petals all over her bed and put a ring wrapped in the center Tell her that you bought for her gift to show how much you love her. When she opens it, tell her that you want to live the rest of your life with her.
  15. Prepare a romantic dinner and put it around the napkins with the words, for example: a man sitting on the contrary, wants to marry you. Or slip the napkin (use fabric instead of paper!) Through the ring 
  16. When it is deployed napkin to lay on her lap, she will find the ring.
  17. Offer to massage her feet, and this time put the ring on her finger her legs.
  18. Take her on a date to the place where you first met, bring a bottle of champagne and two glasses to celebrate your engagement (after you have made her an offer).
  19. Bake the pie in a store or order a cake, which will be written: "You marry me?
  20. Place your bid on one of the pages of a newspaper or magazine, which regularly reads your favorite. And be there when she will read it.

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