Ideas for theme parties New Year

Ideas for theme parties New Year

We all look forward to New Year's Eve and carefully preparing for this amazing and magical nights: choose an outfit, decorate the house, looking for new recipes for the holiday table, and want this holiday was fun, easy and memorable. Here are some ideas - they enable you to create a bright celebration that will long be remembered to you and your guests.

Party desires

New Year's Eve helps fulfillment of desires - so let your guests show it to your clothing. If your friends are planning to get married - even dress up the bride and groom if your girlfriend wants to become a vegetarian - let chooses suit some vegetable or plant, if someone wants to go for a vacation in warmer climes, it can dress in shorts and a colored shirt with short sleeve. This will not only fun, but also helps you and your friends to achieve the desired goal in the coming year.

Future Disco

The usual disco - it's interesting, but the disco style of the future - is another matter. Especially that any meeting of the New Year - a meeting of something new, the future. To make your party a futuristic, decorate the table in the same style, for example, cookies, cake or sweet treats put into metal molds geometric shapes.

Ask your guests to come in costumes "from the future". In general, you should have a party / disco with LED lights, glitter and modern decor in the style of "high-tech".

Silver, gray and black shiny outfits, dresses made of leather, can be complemented by large jewelry accessories and accents. And if you need an example - look for outfits Lady Gaga.

Blue party

The coming year 2015 will be held under the symbols of the Blue Goat. This is an occasion to guests dressed in blue, or at least had to imagine some blue thing. In addition, each of the guests have to tell why he loves the color blue, what memories or, on the contrary, the prospects it gives him. Well, with blue ribbon contests can be arranged set.

And they have

Do you wonder how other countries celebrate the New Year? Then offer to celebrate the New Year according to some international traditions. For example, in China greeted the New Year of the Dragon dance, hand out red envelopes with money for children and fireworks. In Spain, drink a lot of sparkling wine and eat one grape with each stroke of hours. In England, during the battle of hours open the door to the old year is gone, and the new has come. In Italy, in the new year are thrown out of the window the old stuff - the more emissions, the more in the new year buy new ones. In Hungary, the couple eating apples that preserve and multiply love.

Bond. James Bond.

New Year in style secret agent 007 James Bond will look very impressive. All men should be in suits or tuxedos, and their companions - in evening dresses. Your party must be a "secret mission", and your guests - agents. Create a chic bar, where the signature drinks should be a "martini" and "bourbon." In addition, create a variety of cocktails and soft drinks that your guests can enjoy for the first time.

Arrange the casino for guests to play until the morning of gambling.

Photo Shoot

We all love to be photographed! Especially in the New Year! Create a small photo studio in the room using the simple New Year Tree and Christmas accessories: masks, tinsel, firecrackers, sparklers. And after the holidays, you can make a wonderful collage and send to your friends as a gift.

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