The earrings that match the shape of the face

The earrings that match the shape of the face
The earrings are often chosen by women quickly and regardless of the form and influences the presentation as the face. But believe it or not, can create negative or positive effects, so you have to learn to choose the accessories that best look.

Although seemingly a few simple accessories, earrings can also get to define the shape of the face, to remove heaviness, to give more volume to the cheeks or to stylize. The good news is that the options are endless, the colors, shapes, designs, sizes, and other details can help make the results better.

  • Girls who have a round face should not wear earrings in the same form. It is best to begin to choose accessories elongated, oval shaped or a simple line. The objective is to give effect to the face and in passing, that the neck also has an effect, in this case, it looks long.
  • For those who have a square face, you should also use oval, long or even earrings, small and not much notice but that make a difference. Do not use or moles that are glued to the earlobe, and with large type sizes.
  • The oval faces do not need a special type of earring in because by the way, makes any pair of earrings fit you very well. It is the same with haircuts, all fit well, because the shape of the face will look stylized.
  • Women with heart shaped face should avoid earrings ending in a point, or they can get to form an inverted triangle. For all other styles of earrings, no restrictions.

So there is no excuse not to wear a good pair of earrings, either for a formal time or a slightly more relaxed. Combine just have to know and apply the tips according to face shape.

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