When Crossing the line of 20 years

When Crossing the line of 20 years

Growing up is a process when it is small, and you want to reach! But when it is big and you begin to understand some things in life that are not as easy as they thought, they want to return time and is when some emotional crises arise.

It is a perfect age where you begin to live the youth, where one enters a new world which is mixed with adulthood and adolescence, where new people and college or to the first known work , leave their mark . But not all women like to get to that age , either for two reasons, one because they want to be bigger, have everyone settled and full of money , success and love, as if they have 15 years more , the second is because they will not grow , because they feel that changes are happening so fast and prefer to stay being consensual and you have the world at their feet because their parents can give. Probably from this age is when they start to hear just some difficulties in life , but nothing that can not be overcome.

Something that worries them terribly and taking into account the diversity of personalities, is the change suffering their social circle, which was generally broad and defined by college friends , but that is no longer the same as before , that everyone has started to make his life and hence these 20 years , also must do the same . It is also complex to see those dear and special people called you friends, for work, study , and went to live in another country or even organized their lives prematurely, and you are either married or have children .

Although you can have energy for many things, the fact so many people walking is not as exciting as 3 or 5 years ago and plans are preferable to stay watching a movie or going to a party but leave early , to dance until sore feet or go to the movies at night. The truth is that you want to maintain that comfort zone to be had when a teenage girl was .

Before there was no need to make decisions, but now are essential . For example , falling in love is one of them , choose the perfect guy, choose a career and know that it will depend the future, knowing that someday they will have to leave the house of the parents and that independence is necessary.

The body also changes and is often the change of life and habits, climb or lose weight quickly. It is also possible that conditions in some areas of the body and is not presented because it is already approaching old age, but evidence that the passage of time is not in vain , and that a sedentary lifestyle may even aggravate the problem .

The good and sometimes be complex to understand , is that is ripe when it is understood that some people may be right, who can give advice and their experience is courageous , something you do not understand when I was younger and also rebel .

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