An ideal menu for a day at the beach

An ideal menu for a day at the beach

When you decide to make a grand picnic on the beach, we recommend that you forget the convenience products and fats to give more importance to healthy products that you stay well hydrated and containing doses of vitamins that are needed to meet a wonderful day shirt.


Opt for whole grains and a few that are rich in fiber or some rolled oats or wheat bran that will help regulate intestinal transit because usually affected during this time of year. You can also include nonfat dairy or vegetable drink and a piece of fruit skin must take to get to take advantage of the benefits of fiber it contains.

By mid-morning

When the best appetizer forget the candy, sugary sodas and chips. Instead choose a natural juice, lemonade or horchata. Tapas chooses some fish and some anchovies or sardines are rich in omega 3 and that will help reduce skin irritation caused by the sun.

A lunchtime

Try not to spend three hours without drinking or not eating because blood sugar levels can drop and get the lunch you will usually be done under compulsion. You should go for a menu that is light. From first choose vegetables in salads, roasted or even gazpacho. As a second course nothing like a little fish like a cuttlefish for example. A skewer of chicken with some vegetables is also an ideal choice.

A snack time

The best take a wholemeal sandwich with chicken, turkey or vegetables. Wash it in a cold infusion, for example horsetail hibiscus or prevent fluid retention or a chamomile to help reduce inflammation. Pair your snack of fresh juice or a piece of fruit.

A dinnertime

For dinner a salad of raw spinach you can dress with a little extra virgin olive oil, lemon and salt together with a slice of grilled salmon prepared and two slices of pineapple to help you maintain the levels of vitamins and high healthy fats, as well as to remove toxins and help your body to recover from a day of intense activity.

It is recommended to consume throughout the day around two liters of liquid in an adult. Of this around 20% comes from foods consumed rich in water such as vegetables, fruits, and vegetables. The rest should be consumed in the form of juices, water, diet soda and non-alcoholic beverages.

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