Red eyes - Causes and Treatments

Red eyes - Causes and Treatments

What to do with the redness of the eyes? Concerned about red eyes, do not know what to do, how to get rid of the redness of eyes? Let's find out the causes of red eye, a home treatment can help relieve redness of the eyes.

Redness of the eyes - the causes of red eye

Very unpleasant to see in the mirror with a sickly-looking man with red eyes! And the causes redness of the eyes can be set. The first cause redness of eyes - external stimuli. Wind, smoke, cosmetics, pollen and other irritants affect the state of our eyes, causing redness. The second common cause of red eye - eye strain associated with prolonged television viewing, reading in dim light or stay in PC monitors, also leads to the appearance of red-eye. Fatigue caused by stress, overexertion, insufficient sleep, is also included in the list of common causes of red eyes. Another cause of red eye can be increased intracranial pressure, so watch out for this factor. Do not forget about contact lenses: if you do not take them off at night and do not change regularly, as prescribed operating conditions, the red eyes you provided.

Treatment of red-eye

Naturally, the red-eye treatment are best left to the doctor, the professional, but no one bothers simultaneously with redness of the eyes take in the home series of effective measures. For example, as a rapid anti-red eyes suit special Medications - "artificial tears" and eye drops with a moisturizing effect. This treatment is excellent red-eye moisturize mucosa eyes, reduce discomfort in the form of burning or itching, and relieve inflammation. Good to drink vitamins A and Ascorutinum.

At home, for the treatment of red-eye will be very effective in various packs. The simplest means at hand will become a handkerchief soaked in cold water, which must be applied to the eyes for twenty minutes. Can be wrapped in a handkerchief ice cube. Also good treat eye redness potato packs: clean small tuber, wash, cut into slices (or even better - grate) and apply them to your eyes for five minutes. Similar actions and slices of fresh cucumber. Tea bags, green is better, also very fruitful work, removing red-eye - soak them in warm water for 10-15 seconds, gently squeeze and place on closed eyes for 5-7 minutes. If there are no bags, make green tea, soak it in a couple of cotton pad and use, as suggested above. Another ancient way home treatment red-eye - a drop of honey dissolve in a teaspoon of water and the composition of the two drops instilled into the eyes three times a day.

What to do to avoid the red-eye

To redness did not return again to observe certain rules of caring for their eyes. After all, they need proper rest! Eight hours of sleep they should also, as throughout the body. But apart from this "global" rest, those who have red eyes, you need to do and other respite during the day, especially if you have to strain your eyes at work. Every hour at ten-reddening make "recess" for the eyes: look for 3-5 minutes on a relaxing image (such as a blank sheet of paper) or spend a mini-charging for their organs of sight, sound chup jhup your eyes and slowly relaxing them. If redness occurs when working at the computer, occasionally distracted, so as to be "blinked": frequent blinking promotes good wetting of the eyeball and as a result, less strain on the eyes. Well relaxes eyes, get rid of red eyes warm bath with water temperature of the body - the face, lower back and blinked for a moment. Doing this simple procedure before going to bed, you will quickly cure their red eyes.

If redness lasts a long period of time and all your efforts do not give significant results, then, red eyes, most likely due to the strong intracranial or intraocular pressure, or the eye became infected and you need to go to the optometrist in time to take action and to return your eyes health and clarity.

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