Tips for love without suffering

Tips for love without suffering
People often decide to give up on love because they do not want to have to suffer again by traumatic experiences they have had in the past. But be brave and try again again. We give some clues to get it.

It is said that there is an emotional and romantic relationship that does not have implied a dose of suffering and in some ways is understandable, since many feelings and emotions in many game gets. Although throughout your life you've probably experienced difficult times what you can say is that love is something that always worth the risk, but yes, knowing protect forever maintain self-esteem in place. For this you must first know yourself very well.

Learn what your values, your limits, what you're willing to endure or what makes you more harm, will help you start a relationship in a safe and mature manner. Having a partner must be to be happy, not to be crying. If at some point in the relationship you realize that there are more tears than smiles, is that when evaluating certain things.

Do not let anyone change and be always yourself. If the person you want or you like doubts and your self esteem gets to underestimate, you should not proceed. Flee from all those who try to change your personality or that make you feel that you are inferior. Of course, if that person loves you with all your flaws and all your virtues, not lose it. And keep in mind that there are people like that.

Learn not to give everything for the other person and that sometimes love is all done for the other person to reach even losing one's integrity and self esteem. You should not let you manipulate and blackmail you, acting as an emotional vampire. Love should always be an exchange between two people that is balanced on a scale. If offered without receiving anything in return and without getting no respect, end up frustrated. The ideal would be to find someone who loves us no expectation of anything in return.

Learn to have your personal space and let your partner yours. And it is certain that both have hobbies, passions and hobbies that I like to do with other people like friends or family. These personal spaces are vital for a healthy relationship. Another thing different is the space that is shared between the two in the common life is made and enjoy, but everyone needs a moment of solitude where being ourselves.

And always remember that love is not the same to suffer and that is an experience worth enjoying and you also deserve.

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