False eyelashes - Like glue to use

False eyelashes - a great way to add to your look of mystery and charm, so let's learn how to use false eyelashes, false eyelashes like glue.

False eyelashes - Like glue to use

If nature has not endowed you lush lashes, you can fix this problem by using the regular mascara. However, in the most solemn and important cases, women have to resort to more effective means - false eyelashes. Benefit today can be found false eyelashes for every taste and budget, it remains the case for small - to learn how to use them properly. Mastering this tricky science, we now turn.

Prepare everything you need to create a new image. To start buy false eyelashes and glue them. If you use false eyelashes for the first time, it is better to select a few pieces of inexpensive, so as not to upset due to a bad product. Clay often included with eyelashes, but it is advisable to have at least one tube in reserve.

There are two kinds of false eyelashes - one piece and beams. Need to glue them in different ways, so we'll talk about this in detail. Plus at the bottom for those who want to see once than hear a hundred times, there is a video show "Fashion sentence" about how to glue false eyelashes both options - the master will give detailed instructions on how to properly glue eyelashes.

How to glue false eyelashes

And now proceed directly to the action. Draw a pencil or shadow straight line at the edge of the century, close to the lashes. Removing false eyelashes from the case, attach them to age in order to determine the appropriate size of eyelashes. Excess cut with scissors, and at the same time do not forget to trim the lashes and the second to both copies of the same. If unnaturally long eyelashes, you can make them a "haircut", but do not cut them under the ticker, otherwise they will look incredibly smooth.

Open the tube of glue, thin brush type it and spread the base of the eyelashes. Wait a bit, and then paste directly to the previously deposited line as closely as possible to the natural lash line. First, lightly press your finger on the middle of the false eyelashes, then move to the edges, carefully gluing the ends. Again to fix the result, having a toothpick at the base of eyelashes. Repeat the whole procedure with the second and eyelashes.

We now move on to the next part of the process: attach false eyelashes natural look. For this eyeliner to draw a line on the bottom lashes, moving from the nose to the temples. Take a spoon and bring to a convex part of the lashes, and then carefully paint over both their false eyelashes and mascara. Then brought to mind the make-up using shadows and check the strength of false eyelashes: a toothpick touch base eyelashes. The base does not move? So you're done your job! If the substrate is kept still not firmly, Conn eyelashes using all the same toothpick dipped it into the glue.

Get rid of false eyelashes is not difficult: use for their removal makeup makeup remover cream or plain. Just do not remove the lashes at once, give them a little melted, and then gently pull the edge.

To use false eyelashes again, wash them in warm water and soap, and remove cosmetics using a toothbrush. Clean off with eyelash glue can be used tweezers. Dry lashes and put it back in its case. And do not go to bed without removing the eye with false eyelashes! It is harmful for the eyes and for your beauty!

How to glue false eyelashes beams.

Another case with gluing eyelashes beams. The first thing you need to do in order to correct false eyelashes glued beams, compare the length of your eyelashes and false eyelashes beams. To do this, take a pair of tweezers beam false eyelashes and attach to your lashes, if does not look natural, you can adjust the length of the way you are most comfortable with. Remember that to false eyelashes look beautiful, you have to glue them on the basis of the natural features of your own eyelashes, making changes only slightly with the help of false eyelashes beams.

Next, you take the beam eyelashes using forceps or tweezers eyebrow correction. Dip the base of the beam in the glue (if you have a lot of glue, remove excess tissue) and gently lifting the upper eyelid slightly with the other hand, glue beam exactly between your lashes. With a toothpick, push the beam to the age of the invoice, and allow the glue to dry a little time (about a couple of minutes), you can then continue the process of gluing eyelashes beams.

The advantage of the overhead beams eyelashes over conventional lumpy lashes that eventually lashes look much more natural and accurate. In addition, with the help of the beams, you can adjust the degree of density of the eyelashes of your choice, as well as bundles of lashes stick only in some areas of the lash line, for example, on the outer corner of the eye.

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