Crooked legs - What to Wear Clothes

Crooked legs - What to Wear Clothes

Crooked legs - not so bad You enviously watched the owners of slender legs in mini-skirts? Sidestep Fashion Dresses? You should not be upset! Christian Dior on this occasion once said: "If you have crooked legs, wear a neck!"

So if you have crooked legs, what to wear, it is important to know - that's all. Correctly matched clothes - a true guarantee of compelling appearance.

Crooked legs that carry
First you need to know exactly what you have curvature of the legs: true or false. True curvature is result of curvature of the leg bones - the so-called " on " - and "x" - curve. Misleading curvature is detected to have mostly skinny girls and cause false curvature lies in underdeveloped muscles calf. False curvature easy fix, paying attention to the shin muscle tone .

Now just about the clothes at the feet curvature . Today, every woman has in her wardrobe at least one pair of jeans. But not all fit jeans - owners of curves leg wear should not " chew " and jeans with bleached stripes. Such models distort the appearance of any legs. But the ideal option would be jeans straight or flared . As for the pants , there should be selected straight pants made ​​of thick fabric that will hold their shape well . Excellent hide crooked legs wearing knee -free capris .

As for the skirt , it should be avoided only long skirts to mid-calf - these models does not enhance the beauty ideal even feet. Choice should be made in favor of long skirts to the knee or slightly above . You are ideal skirt with a slit at the back. Do not bypass side and maxi skirts .

As for shoes , the crooked legs that carry certainly impose some restrictions . Boots should not be too swift your leg. The ideal option would be boots. If the legs are full note on shoes with a high heel - the legs will look slimmer . But skinny legs heels contraindicated. Also avoid releasing your shoes bands.
Tights better to choose black or dark brown. You can experiment with pantyhose having a small pattern . Overview - absence pantyhose vertical stripes.

But most importantly , with crooked legs , do not be shy - your gait and posture must be perfect . And this is important !

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