How to choose the right perfume for this summer

How to choose the right perfume for this summer
Now that we are in the summer we have to renew our fragrances according to the change of season. But picking the right perfume can become a real challenge as each season the number of fragrances is multiplied to get every beauty brand new products to market. Find out what would be the one for you perfume.

The perfect fragrance

Before you go looking for your perfect fragrance you must be very clear that is what you are looking for. And in summer is appreciated perfumes that have a fresh scent whether dry, floral or fruity, but be careful and avoid those fragrances that are too sweet such as coconut, the vanilla or the strawberry, that although they have become very popular lately, may turn out to be very heavy at the time when the heat comes.

The intensity of the perfume

What also must be taken into account when choosing a perfume is its intensity and will vary depending on the chosen fragrance. So for example if you choose to buy a water toilette, perfume should know that these are very mild fragrance perfect to be used daily and you are leaving a very discreet yet very drinkable wake.

Furthermore the water perfumer is having a much more intense than the water toilette fragrance perfume and getting a very sensitive skin so all who use it. Finally there is the perfumer itself, this being a very intense fragrance. For this reason, use of the latter should be avoided during the summer season when the days heat and intense fragrance can saturate both the wearer and to those around you. You can reserve its use for a special occasion or an event in the evening, though.

Finally some advice before buying a perfume for this summer: before choosing the right one is the best that you try it on your skin directly. As much as I've smelled on someone else and have you happy, the truth is you can not even imagine what a fragrance can change from one person to another. Neither try on sample sachets offered in perfumeries, as the aroma given off quite probably change them once you apply directly to your skin.

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