Papilloma - Treatments to get rid of a papilloma

Papilloma - Treatments to get rid of a papilloma
Today we will analyze the topic papilloma - what it is, papilloma treatments to get rid of a papilloma in the home.

If you notice the appearance of suspicious "warts" on the skin, it is possible that in fact it is a papilloma - benign skin formation, which occurs from epithelial tissue.

Papillomas have a view above the surface of the skin "papilla" with jagged edges, but are often found and flat papillomas. They are soft to the touch, and the color can range from almost clear (the mucous membrane) to a dirty brown.

Papillomas may appear almost anywhere: on the face, on the body (especially in the neck, chest, armpits), in the genital area, on the mucous membrane of the vulva, mouth, nose, etc. Usually first notice the single papilloma, but they tend to sprawl, they are becoming more and their area increases.

Causes such formations human papilloma virus, which, unfortunately, is considered one of the most common viruses carried by more than 90% of the world population. The virus is most often transmitted through sexual contact, but can spread and household contact (while rubbing the affected areas of the skin and mucous membrane of the skin and mucous membranes of another person).

Besides that papilloma virus cause discomfort and can considerably impair the person's appearance, they still can degenerate into malignant tumors. For example, for women who papilloma found in the vulva, the risk of cervical cancer increases by 60 times!

For these reasons, physicians are advised to remove the papilloma immediately after their discovery. Naturally, do it yourself at home is not recommended. Now there are many clinics that use a variety of methods of removing warts.

The simplest of them - cauterize special education keratolytic agents such as salicylic acid. This method can be selected and should be done only by experienced dermatologist, since such exposure may cause atypical regeneration of skin cells.

You can remove the papilloma by surgical intervention, ie by cutting education scalpel under local anesthesia. An alternative to traditional surgical methods is the use of a laser scalpel or laser destruction, which is less traumatic, even for the removal of papillomas large area.

Cryodestruction allows "burn" papilloma liquid nitrogen, and does it fairly quickly and painlessly. However, during cryoablation difficult to control exposure depth of the liquid nitrogen, because of which the risk of a partial deletion formation and may require a repeat procedure.

If electrocautery papilloma removed by acupressure with high frequency current. Little education is removed without anesthesia, and large - with anesthesia. Sometimes in place papilloma traces remain, but it depends on the size of the education and experience of the doctor.

Also for removing warts is now used radio wave scalpel. This precision and non-traumatic method allows to eliminate the formation of almost without a trace.

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