How to become Sexy and Attractive

How to become Sexy and Attractive
Today's men are much more spoiled female "available" and we women have to put much more effort to look sexy in their eyes. Although, on closer examination, is not too difficult to follow the rules of modern sexy-girls.

About what "technique" will allow you to look more sexy and attractive, this stuff.

Lessons on "how to become a sexual" always begin with a workout look. As numerous studies have shown, that the eyes tell us about our sexuality more than a transparent blouse. No matter what way you choose - a modest girl or vamp - your opinion must be expressive. And he should not express your beauty and interest to the man! Practice in front of a mirror "ogle" - this method always works!

To look more sexy, add your "fire eyes" charming smile - it's a serious weapon from which a man loses his head. This smile is also achieved through training: make lips "tube", and then move them into a small smile. From the first time is unlikely to succeed, but eventually you learn to smile is the sexiest way. But! It is really a sexy smile, and so you should not give it to anyone - only those whom you want to conquer.

In an effort to look sexy, many women applied makeup caller - this is a mistake. Do not try to influence the psyche of modern men by bright makeup. Their is no longer impressive. You seem readily available and not sexual. Accordingly, you and interested in a certain contingent. Therefore, using makeup, just gives the eye more expressive, emphasize cheekbones blush line, make the lips more appetizing by using glitter - this is enough.

The same is true for the sexy clothes, instead of blouses with deep neckline makes sense to put on a topic with translucent guipure insert on the back - and attracts attention, and the scope for male fantasies leaves!

Gait also help you become sexy! To be sexy, it should be easy and relaxed. Choose a shoe in which you feel comfortable and safe. Believe me, men will choose a girl with a beautiful gait in ballet flats, rather than clumsy movement in shoes with high heels.

By the way, pay attention to your posture - and not just because it is directly related to gait. Correct posture - a tall chest, beautiful neck line, tighten the buttocks and stomach pulled in! Sounds sexy, does not it? In addition, the correct posture is visually adds growth and reduces weight.

And here is one more reason to exercise - your voice. Low-pitched sound sexier than high. Not every woman nature endowed low sexual tone, but to correct the mistakes of nature to us quite a force! Train speak lower, erotic voice, and men will be at your feet.

Use scents to emphasize their sexuality, but they do not interrupt your natural smell. It is not necessary to irrigate itself perfumes from head to foot, drip a little perfume on a hollow chest, wrist and hollow of the neck.

Psychologists are reminded that to be more sexually attractive body language will help you expressed in your movements, gestures and facial expressions. They can be sexy, or conversely, an inexpressive - it depends on you. Want to wake up the interest of men to himself? Get your gestures interest in him. In conversation, do not stand on the "pioneer distance" lean slightly to the interlocutor, in relevant cases, touch it (but not to explicit erotic zones!).

And remember that your sexuality lies in you the most! If you are confident in themselves and in their appeal, open to communication and are in a good mood, men certainly feel it and pull it towards you.

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