How to run and lose weight

How to run and lose weight
Today we'll talk about how to properly run. One would be easier to come out and ran, but the desired effect of bringing it running right.

Why do you need to run properly? Because only in this case turns on the entire musculature of the body, which not only supports the muscles in good condition, but also strengthens the joints. Increases the load on the cardiovascular system, thereby becoming the heart muscle endurance, and body tissues are saturated with oxygen better. In this race makes us sweat, which is also good, so our body is cleansed of toxins, we lose weight, gain a beautiful figure. Running is also useful for the immune system and the central nervous system. As a bonus, you still get a good mood (after intense exercise increased production of the hormone of happiness) and develop their positive personal qualities (such as willpower, commitment, etc.). Here's what a huge benefit in the correct running.

How to run

However ignite the desire to run far enough to make this desire a reality. It should also be reserved by the faith in their own strength, because jogging require you considerable persistence. To get a result - improve health, lose weight, gain sports figure - need to run properly and consistently. What does it mean to run properly?

  • Before you start training, you should consult with your doctor: possible contraindications to the intensity.
  • Be sure to buy good running shoes that will not only make your lessons more enjoyable and less tiring, but will protect your joints and muscles from injury.
  • Calculate the route. The obvious choice is the parks and stadiums, where you can run quite safely. If near your home no one nor the other, select a different route is convenient for you, but be sure to go through his pre-walk to make the correct choice.Define run regularly - every day, every other day, on certain days, and so on.

How to start running. Those who are just starting to run, experts recommend daily run in the mornings from ten to twenty minutes (warm-up at this time is not included, it is running). Recommended average pace, without any overload. More experienced runners will approach another mode of training: training 2-3 times a week with alternating jogging speed and endurance races. Running at speed should not last more than 12 minutes, and running endurance may take up to several hours.

And a few tips that will allow you to run correctly. Before you run, warm up the muscles and prepare the body to run: speed, perform an active warm-up, stretch in all directions. It is necessary that the muscles warmed up, otherwise injuries may occur. Begin jogging slowly, gradually adding speed. Do not make unnecessary movements that take away your power. Torso slightly leaned forward, feet, try to touch the ground as gently as possible and will distract them from their land.
While running, try to breathe through the nose, and if you feel that you do not have enough air to go walking to regain his breath. After the run, drink a glass of water at room temperature - you need to restore the water balance.

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