The risks of self-medication

The risks of self-medication

Self-medication is a trend that is sweeping the world faster and faster, but the problem is that instead of being a positive factor or actually generate some kind of upgrades for each person, risks in the medium and long term are created.

People who are self-medicate more women and older adults, although any human being in danger, those at greatest risk are pregnant women, or women and children.

Usually it is done to control any pain that occurs by chance or eliminate some discomfort and diarrhea. In other cases it is done to improve the health and begin to consume vitamins indiscriminately.

Most women believe that only by taking a pill they believe they control their discomfort is enough and then feel better. But they do not know is that they are generating a harm to your body and is worse when they do constantly.

Results of consuming drugs uncontrollably

Sometimes, a simple pain, may be the main sign that something is wrong and needs to act in a more appropriate way to avoid a complex disease. The goal is not obsessed with being sick and get to the point of becoming a hypochondriac and visit the doctor every three days, but keep in mind that on a signal of distress, we must review the symptoms and continuity thereof.

According to reports that have specialized institutions, major mistakes people are polypharmacy or consumption of different drugs and at the same time, which may represent a time bomb to suffer some discomfort and when it reaches to present some type of contraindication to various components of medicines.

Another mistake is the overuse of injections and antibiotics alone without any medication to control congestion and discomfort. Once you can get to work, but two or more, is dangerous and when after many times to generate this procedure, the body generates resistance to the effect of the drug.
One of the most serious consequences of self medication, is the emergence of allergies body reactions to drug effect. Within systems suffer further damage, are heart, gastric, nervous and dermatological.

Finally, for girls know what they are exposed, another dangerous outcomes of medication without control, dependence and addiction may develop, which can be even more difficult to treat.

Although specialists and medical centers are bent on campaigns so they do not continue to happen, the girls ignore the recommendations because they believe that none of the imminent risks, can reach affect them.

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