What begins Morning, to hasten the metabolism?

What begins Morning, to hasten the metabolism

Where it is necessary to start the morning, that would speed up the metabolism? In order to speed up the metabolic processes in the body, you need to eat every morning 150 gr. ready-made oatmeal.

If you prepare yourself, porridge with milk can be no more than 1.5% fat and 0.5% fat better, better yet, if you'll cook the porridge on the water. In porridge You can not add a lot of fruit or slightly sweetened, but no any oil!

About what food should be tasteless - unsalted, unsweetened - disagree, since the food should bring not only benefits but also fun - certainly in moderation and common sense of the word! As if the food is not palatable or even tasteless - you long for it will not last and will start to use all sorts of goodies, as previously, which would entail the weight gain!

Perhaps the use of packaged cereals, such as porridge "Bistro" in them there is an optimum number of fruits and sugar count of dry product is 40 gr., That is ready-made, just obtained 150 g.

Dilute with water only a mess, you can choose porridge with cream taste. Caloric such cereals is about 150-160 calories., And it is more than acceptable for breakfast.

With porridge can drink a cup of coffee without milk, if necessary, can be slightly sweeten or green tea.

Why then should begin with your breakfast cereal - first: in porridge's contains fiber - which helps digestion and stomach respectively work harder, while maintaining only wholesome ingredients, processes and burns the rest.

Second: are cereal carbohydrate food that longer to digest, due to the saturation of such a process in the body is present much longer than when using other products. A, respectively, gives the opportunity to quietly "meet" the next meal!

More information of what should comprise lunch, dinner, what should be and what can be savored in between meals, you can

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