Exercises and Tricks for Perfect Buttocks

Exercises and Tricks for Perfect Buttocks

Get perfect buttocks only require ten minutes of your time a day and yes, a lot of motivation. See below Exercises and Tricks for Perfect Buttocks.

The Buttocks

They are the largest muscle in the body and also one of the most neglected, despite almost always want to improve. Getting a perfect ass is achievable if you are consistent. With just ten minutes for three, four or five days a week will be enough to show off a body of scandal.

Exercises for buttocks

The squat is one of the basic exercises to develop the buttocks. There are several types but is recommended to start with nothing and go weight gradually increasing difficulty. You will notice the change quickly.

The lounges or strides. In this exercise, the key is balance and not exceed the knee toe. It is a really effective exercise for the buttocks and spectacular results are achieved.

The bridge. You owe it to lay on your back and lift the trunk to hold it steady for a couple of seconds. Low and restarts. It is one of the most popular because of its simplicity. If you want to add some more difficulty must not support ass on the floor when you rest.

Hip extension. With your forearms parallel to the floor and knees and also resting on the ground, ie fours, must extend one leg and lift it to hip height. Repeat with the other leg.

The jumping jacks. Start with your arms perpendicular to your hips and then a jump is spreading her legs while the arms are carried above the head and a slap is given. Then you have to go back to the starting position. This exercise is very useful to fight the "cartridge".

Lift heels. This is one of the exercises soon discarded because it may seem that serves no purpose but on the contrary, is the most effective to lift the buttocks and forget sagging. If you find it very easy to try to do it with weights.

Tips ideals buttocks

Consistency is key. No use being butt working two days and then spend a week without doing anything. While it is normal for the first few days feel soreness, but should not decline. Furthermore buttocks are one of the most used muscles so they are quite used to the exercise.

Primordial is also visualize the target. Shoelaces appear and hardly noticeable improvement at the apathy displayed. But you have to allow time since the body can take up to three weeks to assimilate change. A trick to not leave and achieve "visualize" the area being worked and go noticing how each movement is a change coming to the buttocks.

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