Discover Tomato Diet and Sign it

Discover Tomato Diet and Sign it

Now that soon the heat that is most often crave eating fresh vegetables, salad, fruit or any food that we hydrate and soothe our thirst. Tomato is very rich in water and contain numerous properties that are ideal when it comes to weight loss. So if you're thinking about losing some weight without having to give up eating well or rich delicacies, re recommend that you join a tomato diet.


The tomato is a vegetable very rich in vitamins C and E and fiber , in addition to help you lose weight , helps the body to function properly and it is also an excellent diuretic. It is highly recommended for people with cancer and a diet that is rich in tomatoes, helps fight these diseases .

Tomato and Weight Loss

But now we will focus on what in this particular case and is interested in losing those kilos thanks to leftover tomato. If you decide to keep tomato diet you can lose up to two kilos in just two days .

This diet is , as the name suggests , that the tomato is the main food in this weight loss plan , although a number of other foods so not at all monotonous or heavy to follow are also combined .

The main premise of this diet is to remember to eat five to six tomatoes every day. Although you may seem excessive, see nothing is done as heavy as when awake , while fasting and snack time , a tomato juice should be taken . When the rest of the meals should be eaten in salads or in any other way you can think of to accompany fish or grilled meat that is consumed.

Sample menu diet tomato

Although there are various combinations that even yourself can create you , here we offer a simple example of a menu that can follow when making tomato diet to give you an idea of ​​what it is.

How we have said , nothing should stand up and take on an empty stomach a glass of tomato juice. After breakfast time to be taken two boiled tomatoes can be seasoned with a few species.

At lunchtime a rich salad of lettuce, tomatoes , peppers , tuna and anything else you can think of , it can be an excellent choice.

At snack time another rich glass of tomato juice and for dinner some meat or grilled fish with a couple of tomatoes in the oven.

Between meals if you are hungry , you can take half a tomato, a carrot or an infusion .

When the diet is completed and no dropped weight was desired , it is recommended to continue taking daily tomato juice as its antioxidant properties are ideal for the body.

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