How to restore firmness of the face

How to restore firmness of the face

The moment you start to notice the facial skin sagging a bit and fall is certainly a means to improve the appearance shall be sought, but the truth is you do not need to undergo surgery to get a facelift as there are many ways to recover its firmness with simple remedies that will give results with a little effort and perseverance.

Causes of loss of firmness and sagging skin

A diet in which minerals and vitamins missing, incorrect hydration by not drinking water, low consumption of fruits and fresh vegetables, poor circulation where oxygen and nutrients fail to divide properly, smoking, not sleeping sufficient or excess weight are some of the reasons that accelerate the loss of firmness in the face.

How to restore firmness in the face

Starts saying yes to good nutrition avoiding high fat intake. Should be included in the diet fresh vegetables and fruits. Become a real fan of salads you can include pieces of fruit or some nuts, very healthy ingredients that are satisfying and will make you feel better.

Start the day with an infusion of dandelion to which you can add a few drops of lemon juice and a little ginger, extraordinary contribution of antioxidants that will care your skin. To prepare you should take into boiling water two floors dandelion and a spoon of grated ginger root. Allow to boil all together and then it sit five minutes. Before ingesting added three drops of lemon juice. You can go with a bowl of oatmeal with milk or apple plant.

By mid-afternoon carrot juice and aloe vera. To do this you must wash a raw carrot and blend it together with a spoon the pulp of the aloe vera. Half a glass of water was added until a homogeneous juice you should drink every evening.

Important to spend every evening at least twenty minutes a healthy skin of the face to get the firmness you want. This first thing to do is exfoliate your face with some oatmeal or a suitable gel. In the first case you can put in a bowl with some oatmeal with water and the resulting mixture spread over face with circular movements.

The next step is to get for five minutes in the refrigerator two bags of chamomile. When they are slightly cold is applied on the skin with the help of a milkweed. If desired, a few times a week can do without this infusion of chamomile and instead apply some aloe vera gel for the face as it is also very suitable for greater firmness in the face.

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