Discover the Japanese diet: a perfect diet to lose weight

Discover the Japanese diet: a perfect diet to lose weight

There have been numerous studies that talk about the enormous benefits of the Japanese diet. Fresh food, vegetable drinks, rice, fish and dishes with small amounts of food, are some of the things that Westerners must learn to help reduce those extra kilos.

The secret of this diet

The first key is simple: the Japanese always use very fresh and in small portions. His dishes are characterized by quality and not quantity. Take nothing prepared food or industrial food , only natural and fresh foods.

Another aspect that should be kept in mind is the way you eat . They always do with complacency and slowly , savoring each snacks without being rushed and enjoy the dishes the most . Never reach empalagarse with food and strive in its presentation as well as the visual game that produce food , as it not only eats the stomach, but also with the view.

A very important fact : the Japanese never consume dairy products or are fond of meat or bread. Lean more about vegetables , the fish and the rice. The good fresh fruit is also critical, but yes, all in small portions.

The most important meal is breakfast Japanese . Begin each day with a variety of dishes ranging from rice, vegetables, eggs , soups and of course green tea.

Example of an Eastern diet to achieve weight loss

The following diet is perfect to follow for ten days at least a month. It is also a way to eat healthy while losing weight.

At breakfast time you can take such a tangerine, along with a cup of green tea, essential and a cup of miso broth . This ingredient can be found in any specialty store because it is a very typical soup that is taken every morning and is ideal thanks to the low fat and energy it brings. This is a nice broth , tofu , seaweed , scallion and miso paste made with a flavored soy.

By the time lunch is recommended to take a bowl of sushi, ie raw fish with rice , accompanied by a bit of soy sauce along with a cup of noodles with mushrooms , apple and of course another cup of green tea.

Dining nothing better than an assortment of sashimi consisting of a dish in which different types of fish accompanied with a little soy sauce and wasabi, served an ingredient that may seem at first glance an avocado but very spicy . You should also eat a bowl of brown rice, an orange and a cup of green tea.

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