What to give for the new year 2015

What to give for the new year 2015

New 2015 Goats will bring even more luck if you start it with the right gifts - look, it's worth to give the new year 2015 my family and friends.

Knit and fur items

Warm and cozy knits become the most pressing Christmas gift for 2015. Can choose almost everything - knitted mittens, warm socks made of wool, sweaters and dresses with large viscous, slippers, fleece, fur rugs. Suitable for children knitted naughty things with goat or lamb image. This is the perfect gift for the New Year that will warm the cold winter evenings.

Products made of stones and jewelry.

If you want to give your loved one on New Year's Eve 2015 expensive jewelry, keep in mind that will be held in high esteem all the green and blue stones. Pay attention to aquamarine, emerald, jade and sapphire. Better to choose decorations that hang - necklaces, pendants, earrings for women or cufflinks, tie clip for men. You should not overlook, and other stone products, such as vases, glasses, kitchen sets, candlesticks. All this will have on customs and mistress of the coming year, and your family and friends.

Wood products.

Gifts made of wood are very much in demand in the New Year 2015. Cookware hand-carved wood decorations, wooden sculpture, ethnic interior items, boxes for jewelry and various little things, furniture, vases, Case for smartphone, traditional Russian nesting dolls, backgammon, rosary. In short, all original and natural. And it is very important to this subject either actively used or valued as a piece of furniture - wooden vase, which will put a cupboard and forget, will not bring any luck to the donor or to the person who received the gift.

Flowers as a gift to the new 2015

Give a winter bloomer original and unusual, but fits perfectly in the New Year symbols 2015, because our Goat loves to eat flowers and grass. An important point - the flower should have a bright and cheerful color - this orchid, hibiscus, oleander, wildflowers, gorgeous in the new year poinsettia. Such a gift will bring a charge of positive mood not only in the New Year's Eve, but also for the whole year (many of these plants can bloom profusely throughout the year). In addition to fresh flowers, you can give and pictures of flowers - paintings, murals, photographs and decorative collages.

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