Tell us what positions we adapt to sleep?

Tell us what positions we adapt to sleep

There are many things you can get to deduct personality if anyone looks at how do you sleep. And is that during the time of sleep is when the body fail to be able to rest while the mind is refreshed and restored.

Different positions at bedtime

The fetal position

This position involves bending and sleep on your side with knees drawn up to his chest and his arms around the legs or cross. The name given is because this is the way the babies are in the womb of the mother. Sometimes one arm under the pillow can be . This is the most common approach used by people , especially women.

Regarding personality exist different variants that can be interpreted . For example take this position bedtime is associated with emotionality and sensitivity as well as people tend to have a much stronger personal relationships. It is also very common in people who are quite shy but when they know someone is deeply relaxing becoming very warm and friendly and afraid to feel emotionally wounded .

Trunk position

With this position you sleep on your side with both legs together and straight and the back straight . The hands are usually found on the sides of the body or one of them under the pillow or even dive . The take up to 15% according to research conducted .

Usually relaxed and with a personality that is not a problem people and very social and get along with most of the people you know , feeling good when they are part of a group and to rely on others, but usually be quite innocent .

Position free fall

This position is called because it seems that whoever takes just fall from the heavens . It is lying on his stomach with his head turned to one side and with one or both hands above or under the pillow.

People who sleep this way are characterized by strong , sassy , sociable but at the bottom are very sensitive. They love their freedom and do not want to be told what to do in any area of ​​life or course reviews .

Star Position

This position is completely contrary to the above as the person standing on your back with your arms around the pillow completely or at least partially . The legs are ; n semi bent or stretched. The personality of these individuals is characterized by people who are very good friends and are always willing to lend a hand to other people and want to be the center of attention at any time.

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