Hotness that often make in the summer and we get older

 There are some errors that typically occur each year during the summer season and add years to achieve both the body and the face. The attempt to eliminate fats from our diets for shapelier at this time and increased exposure to the sun, contribute to accelerating skin aging. Discover how you can avoid all this.

The use of sunscreen

It is customary that only use sunscreen when going to the beach or pool, but the truth is that the skin must be protected throughout the year, as exposure to UV is the most important and leading cause of skin aging, so ideally protect themselves every time they go out on the street, even in those days that are somewhat cloudy.

When makeup

One way to add many more years to the face is loaded face and neck with heavy makeup and applied few colors that are natural. Also excessive use of substances containing chemical additives and fragrances can irritate the skin and their looks much worse.

A bedtime

The bad habit of sleeping with his face on the pillow besides causing wrinkles in it accelerates aging. Collagen face and connective tissue become weaker on that side of that always sleeps on the pillow. So perfect is sleeping on your back or use cases such as silk or satin that produce little friction on the face.

Dietary Fats

It is usual that when summer all begin our particular "bikini operation" to look much thinner and it involves removing any type of fat in our diet. But the truth is that some fat is always necessary for maintaining a youthful appearance of our skin. And is that a complete absence of fat in foods favors the appearance of wrinkles on the skin and causing an aspect much off of it. So it is advisable to eat heart-healthy fats, such as those from certain nuts or oily fish.

Water consumption

It is normal to drink water only when thirsty, but it is important to consume in a calculated way and find, as thirst is a sign that the body is suffering mild dehydration. The body has a composition in water and fluid intake is essential will help maintain a well fresh and fresh skin.

Following these simple tips like check your skin looks radiant and pretty well even during the summer months. Put them into practice and you will look gorgeous throughout the year.

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