How to become taller and slimmer

How to become taller and slimmer

Many girls like to have a "model" looks, including tall enough to look slimmer and be more visible. However, not all nature has endowed this advantage, so it makes sense to adopt some tricks that will help you "grow" in the eyes of others.

So, let's learn how to visually become taller and slimmer.

To visually become taller and slimmer, use the accessories, lengthening silhouette. It may be long flowing silk scarves, earrings in the form of chains or pendants, ornaments on the long neck, high hats - in general, any "little things" that create a vertical line, visually lengthen the silhouette. If you do not want to allocate the neck, for example, if you have a dress with bare shoulders, or want to become visually above by increasing the length of the legs, use the accessories in the area of the belt, which will increase the length of the lower body.

Do you want to look taller, fill up your wardrobe classic trousers length almost to the ground. Long straight pants not only add to you growth, but also make your legs slimmer. Important - to create such an effect pants must be long enough, ie almost completely cover the shoes, even if it is high heels.

Secret cutout. To be above the upper part of the body is recommended to clothe the tops and blouses with v-neck. It is this form of the neck visually lengthens the torso and harmoniously complement the image (and give a few extra centimeters) high-heeled shoes.

Strip. Most stylists believes that the added growth, helping to peer over those items to your wardrobe that are in your drawing a vertical strip. However, the important point - the width of the strip. Very wide strips, even vertically spaced, with an increase in growth you added and width, and this is undesirable. In addition, the stylists do not recommend doing both striped part of your ensemble - let it be a sweater (blouse) or skirt (pants).

To look taller and slimmer, be sure to watch your appearance. At least 2-3 extra inches you get if you straighten your spine, squared his shoulders, raising her head proudly and will constantly maintain a good posture! Plus - thanks to good posture you will look not only above, but also confident. If you have a problem, here is the material on how to correct your posture.

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