Oxygen Therapy

Each of us strives to preserve her youth and beauty, but the negative environmental factors and stress interfere with our aspirations. A particularly negative impact on our appearance and state of health has almost constant lack of oxygen, which is typical for urban residents. It is because of lack of oxygen tarnishes our skin, hair loses its natural shine and nails start to exfoliate mercilessly. How to saturate the body with the necessary amount of oxygen and prevent these and other negative processes?

Oxygen Therapy

The solution of this problem will help women to oxygen therapy. It is also called oxygen mesotherapy, Oxy Therapy or therapy without needles. Due to oxygen therapy at times increases the metabolism in the cells of the skin and its permeability, so the cosmetics used in mesotherapy process quickly and smoothly penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and have her healing and rejuvenating effects.

Usually the course of oxygen therapy consists of two types of procedures, external and internal exposure. The first type of procedure allows oxygenate skin cells directly. It happens all the way - the device with a special attachment to the skin delivers a jet of pure oxygen or oxygen cocktail. The presence of active oxygen stimulates the action of therapeutic and cosmetic products on the skin, accelerates the metabolic processes in cells, so that the skin is smoothed, clarified, becomes more fresh and beautiful. This is the basic procedure for oxygen mesotherapy. Another type of oxygen treatments effectively complements the action of the first. The patient breathes purified oxygen-enriched air through a special mask. This procedure also activates the metabolic and regenerative processes in the body, and, moreover, fills the body with energy and vivacity.

Due to the saturation of cells and tissues with oxygen, not only improves the condition of skin, hair and nails, but also normalize cardiovascular and respiratory activity, as well as the nervous system. Oxygen therapy has anti-stress and toning effect on the body. Therefore, experts strongly recommend it to those women who are "sedentary" lifestyle, rarely chosen for the city, constantly overworked and regularly experience stress.

However, it should be clearly understood that the oxygen therapy should not be perceived as an alternative to cosmetic surgery and other radical means of rejuvenation. This kind of spa treatments can not effectively deal with deep wrinkles and a significant withering skin. However, refresh your appearance, and improve the body feel better oxygen therapy quite a force, especially if you take such courses on a regular basis. Experts advise to combine oxygen therapy with curative cosmetics, which will ensure the maximum positive effect.

In the same row with oxygen therapy There are other treatments that can help refresh the skin, remove the first signs of aging and saturate it with vitamins and nutrients - a procedure Mesotherapy. Beautician based on your needs, choose a special cocktail and enters into the inner layers of the skin. In this procedure, the result can be seen immediately. All details available here - Mesotherapy for the face, hair and body.

Of course, modern innovations in cosmetics are able to solve problems with the skin condition, accumulated over the years. But prevention is better than cure. Therefore, we recommend that you visit a large section of "Face masks". In this section you will find tips for beauticians facial care of any type, as recipes masks, which are aimed to resolve any issue arising from your skin.

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