How to plan an unforgettable holiday

How to plan an unforgettable holiday
Cook a fabulous table and call a bunch of people - it's not a pledge fun and memorable holiday. The main thing that your event was a kind of zest, a feature that everyone will enjoy. What to their attention, what steps to take to plan an unforgettable holiday, will be discussed in our material.

Holiday budget

Budget - the most important point when planning any celebrations and events. How much money you can spend on the alleged night will depend on the scale of the festival and options of the meeting. When the amount is known, begins to consider - how much you plan to spend on food and alcohol as the rental premises, on the design of the hall, which is entertainment. Once it becomes clear that it is possible and what is not, and does not waste time on those ideas, which in principle can not be implemented.

Subjects holiday.

Commonplace picnic table where guests munch and drink, no one can not be surprised. On the contrary, theme parties and will make you and your guests to take another look at the event even before it starts. This will give the holiday a preliminary tone interest. Set of ideas - retro party, masquerade masks or costumes, old Hollywood theme, tea ceremony, disco 80's, karaoke bar, Hawaiian party - all this will give an opportunity for interior solutions and unexpected surprises that will leave the most pleasant memories. See what you and your guests will be most acceptable. Ideas can be found on the Internet or consult with friends and family at the stage of discussion, all the pros and cons of different approaches become clear.


Send out invitations - an important part of the preparation for the event. The format for the invitation may be different, it all depends on your free time and desire. You can simply send the text of the invitation by e-mail, send a message to the social network, call or make an invitation in unison your holiday theme. It is also important if you are planning a theme evening, to clarify this point in the text of the invitation to guest for this fact is not proved to be a surprise and he had time to prepare.

Festive menu.

Choosing food for your holiday, be sure to keep in mind two factors. Firstly, you have to take into account the tastes and food preferences of guests. No Does anyone have allergies and dislikes to certain foods, not whether someone is sitting on a diet. So you and your guests a pleasant and do be sure that all your culinary talents will be appreciated. Second, the choice of menus, dishes or rather, must overlap with the chosen theme of the holiday. Therefore, consider how and what will serve.


Decorations create a festive atmosphere and set up guests in the desired fashion. When choosing decorations can make a start on the subject as a holiday, and where it is held. In this case, it is not necessary to plan something global, it will be enough little things that create the desired accent. For example, bright dishes, original cloth, various themed favors, garlands or balloons on the walls.


How guests will free time, more importantly, what they eat and drink. When choosing entertainment proceed from free space for competitions, preferences and degree of activity of your guests. Think about when some competitions needed - in the early evening, when the guests "in the form of" active will be interesting contests and offers better impoverish something less energetic and more humorous. Prostitute relevant literature or flip through the Internet, choose for themselves acceptable contests and games, prepare details (if needed). This will help you make your holiday more cheerful and positive. And remember - the more guests participating in the competition, the better.

Here are the main points on which the construction of any holiday. Follow them, connect your imagination, and your evening just leave your memory and your guests a sea of positive memories and emotions.

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