How to choose bed linens

How to choose bed linens

How to choose the right bed linen, bed linen what options it is important to consider when purchasing, what kind of underwear is comfortable and last a long time - our stuff.

On the importance of healthy sleep knows each of us, but what we do to make your dream a healthy and enjoyable as possible? For example, if we know how to choose the right clothes, without which, as they say, and sleep - not a dream. Today we'll show you what you should look for when choosing bedding for the sweetest sleep.

Of course, going on shopping for linens, pre-need to accurately determine the size of clothes, as to count on "standard" sizes now is not necessary. Also do not forget that after washing underwear can "sit". Quality underwear does not give a significant shrinkage, but for non-compliance technologies cut underwear after washing can lose up to 15% of their size! Therefore, it is better to buy underwear in specialized outlets, where, if anything, can be returned defective goods.

The second criteria competent approach to buying bed linen - choose only natural fabrics! Fabric for bed linen is simply obliged to pass well air and absorb moisture. After all, your skin comes with the cloth in direct contact! In addition, the fabric must be strong enough so as not to unravel after several washings. Cotton sheets or sets of calico cost you inexpensive and at the same time meet the requirements . Satin lingerie has additional properties aesthetic: it looks more solid, nice body, besides a little wrinkled. Silk underwear - top of refinement, it is good for the skin and hair. However, if in the summer heat is underwear pleasantly cools the skin, the cold periods of the year in a silk bed and can be frozen. But linen fabric - all season, it is durable and perfectly absorbs moisture. Cotton jersey and poly cotton not differ a practicality and convenience: Fabric rolls quickly and not let air in sufficient volume.

As for colors, it is a matter of taste, but for reasons of practicality we recommend to choose plain or sets of options with a pattern of colored threads, as printed fabrics relatively quickly lose its original appearance. The brightness of the color of high quality linen is practically the same on both sides. Before bed lay a new set, wash it (for reasons of hygiene and comfort).

When buying bedding pay attention to smell it. If, apart from mild odor of textiles, your nose chute and other flavors, it should be warning sign. Perhaps the wrong clothes stained, and thus resistance of colors already in doubt. Even worse, if the laundry contains some chemicals which can cause allergies.

Do not forget to check before buying marking where specified by the manufacturer, date of manufacture and composition of products. Check the quality of the seams and matching colors of thread. Prefer sets of whole cloth, which is less eager and more pleasing to the body.

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