Restore life to forgotten enamel

Restore life to forgotten enamel
The trend of using glazes and color is all the rage and one of the things that most annoy girls, is wanting to fix her nails and her favorite color is completely dry, because while not used. Good thing that has solutions to revitalize enamel so beloved!

It is a problem that usually suffer most girls because or stop using for a few months , given the trend of using a wide palette of colors. The truth is that when a woman goes and checks his collection of enamels , gives mal genio unable to use one of your favorite colors because the enamel is dry and it is impossible to apply .

Fortunately it is possible to restore life . The quickest solution is to apply one or two drops of nail polish remover , or go increasing the amount of drop in drop , until the glaze remains in the best condition to be applied . Be careful not to overdo it with , because then the glaze will be very thin and no longer serve or be very difficult to implement quickly and will need approximately 4 or 5 coats to cover the nail well .

Another substance that can be used to dry the enamel loses that status , is to apply a few drops of alcohol and in a few minutes , enamel remain as new . But not all girls have this type of liquid quickly and less when you want to fix the nails at night, out to restore life to your dry enamels, is closer than you think . It's just a matter of heat or boil some water and put it in a container high enough to cover the enamel . After the nail is inserted into the container as if the process of water bath and wait a few minutes. Be in perfect condition to paint nails.

To preserve its structure before they dry , it is recommended to take the fridge after use and never dry. The reason a glaze begins to lose its normal state, is entering the air while a guy nails painted and when closed, is accumulated , making begins to harden . Keep in mind that the glaze should be thick or at least not completely stiff , otherwise , there will be plenty to do and you'd better buy a new one .

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