Questions and Answers When Going on Vacation

Questions and Answers When Going on Vacation
Some of the questions that torment the girls when going on vacation, we know what kind of clothes to use, what are the trendy colors or what is the best way to comb so it does not look like clowns in half a beach.

Most girls are going to spend your holiday in a hot place where no pool or sea and like to enjoy the sun, are also concerned to understand what they should and should not do at the beach . There are several questions that torment but no simple and easy answers to achieve a complete and pleasant break .

1. What to consider in choosing beachwear ? For really two aspects . It first has to do with the comfort and the second is related to body shape that every woman has . A woman should never sacrifice comfort and tranquility to be bold and change clothes that attract attention. Now , we must not exaggerate the tiny garments , for although it is true that the size of each item is less than the clothes a cool place , we must not leave almost no clothes .

2 . What are the mistakes that girls make more often when choosing a swimsuit ? Actually always the biggest mistake is linked to the display of a tiny dress and where can it reflect some passion , not reality . Women should be very grounded to understand that not all swimsuits look good at all and this influences the shape of the body. The easiest is to place the strengths and weaknesses body and find the best model bathing suit to disguise what is not pleased .

3 . Which colors are best to use on the beach? Everything depends on the trends, but usually are very vivid . For example , last season and apparently this , the neon and pastel colors are imposed. One must also know that a color pick them do not see an area that is wide and very large or reduce a portion that is not very voluptuous .

4 . As you go hair? Regarding hairstyles usually is always best to wear your hair natural, that is, nothing elaborate , full of hairspray , excessive use of ironing or dryer . For those who can stand it, good day to wear my hair at night and picked up singles like horsetail or moderately loose.

5 . Which type of accessories are the most recommended ? Depends on the time and place , that is, if you attend a meal, if going to a club or if you are at a campfire. Also influenced by the fact whether it is day or night, for example, sunlight is better than long chains and pendants are used with small earrings , but when it's dark , the best are the large earrings size and flashy accessories .

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