Fashionable outerwear 2014 2015

Fashionable outerwear 2014 2015
Today it is fashionable to be energetic. Since most women try to plan your day so that in addition to working at home, in the fall sports schedule, chat with friends and walk with children. Of course, all this is important to learn how to catch quickly and correctly assembled in the morning.

This season, the male and female wardrobes replenished at the same time so stylish outerwear option as the park. This jacket has long known to the public, though for some time unjustly forgotten. But winter 2014 2015 to fix it. Now the park is on a par with fur coats and down jackets, it remains only to find out what to wear, but to begin with let's deal with the details of the model.

From what to wear the park?

Thus, the park is an extended warm jacket. Since it is designed to protect against the cold, the hood is an integral part when it comes to classical park, but modern designers offer options without it. Yet often such products are complemented pockets. Well assembled at the waist by a belt lacing drink - a classic of the genre, which can also be beaten.

Women's park

Park combined with things different styles and colors. Even chiffon dresses can be worn under it! Although most often you will meet fashionistas in the skin jeans, leather pants, a sweater or a volume knitted dress, we're talking about the everyday way of winter, and the main thing here - do not freeze.

As for the color of the product, designers are also moving away from the usual dark tones and khaki, offering pastel shades.

Men's park

Men like beautiful half very positively perceived "return" parks in fashion ranks. They recommended to combine the product with trousers darker than the color of the jacket, sweater or jacket in a cage. This style you can see in Stith-style reviews, and on the pages of glossy magazines, as the star is - this product are in this year.

And finally, I want to say that in the winter, of course, it is important to look stylish, but do not forget to health. Wearing An open outfit you certainly impress, but this will hurt after a long time. Today it is fashionable to be healthy, so designers in the autumn-winter collections are increasingly offering to combine the light dresses with a warm jacket.

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