Loose skin - What to do

Loose skin - What to do

If your skin sagged, lost its elasticity and freshness, become porous and has acquired an unhealthy gray or yellow, then you have a real problem - the problem of sagging skin.

How to get rid of sagging skin that do to your loose skin once again become young and fresh, acquired the tone - this material.

Causes the appearance of sagging skin set. On the one hand, the skin becomes loose at quite natural reason, over time, the body produces a smaller amount of hyaluronic acid, which maintains the elasticity of the skin. On the other hand, there are factors that cause additional harm to our skin. For example, over reliance diets leads to a rapid decrease in the volume of the body, but the skin is not fast enough to decline, because of which droops. The same effect can cause an incorrect selection of cosmetics, dysfunction of the endocrine system, the influence of stress and other factors that trigger a metabolic disorder and lowers the tone of the skin.

Loose skin - what to do?

To remove sagging skin, you need to give it a tone. This task can be successfully cope, regularly rubbing your face and body with ice cubes. The best effect is ice made from decoctions and infusions of herbs. They tone the skin, tightens pores, return face a fresh color. To avoid sagging skin, cosmetologists recommend to wipe the skin every morning in a circular motion, gently pressing an ice cube to the skin surface.

Be sure to supplement their complex combat sagging skin daily exercise, for both body and face (feysbilding). For this purpose, you can use regular exercise, or a special package designed specifically for you and covers a group of muscles, skin flabbiness which you are particularly concerned. Such exercises effectively tightens the skin and refreshes it.

Sea salt against sagging skin - the old folk way to tighten the skin and cleanse the body of toxins. Take a bath with sea salt three times a week for a month to achieve tangible results. The details of this method is described in the material and the salt Med cellulite

Masks from sagging skin - another important element of your beauty. Perfectly struggling with sagging skin homemade masks, for example, citric. The easiest option - to attach to the problem areas slice of fresh lemon. You can also cook fresh squeezed lemon juice and soak it in a piece of cheesecloth, folded in several layers. Then, gauze applied to a portion of a loose wheel for 20 minutes. Lemon mask effectively tightens pores, nourishes the skin and restores its elasticity.

Wonderful astringent that fights sagging skin is a mask of yellow clay. Clay pour a small amount of warm water or milk to get enough dough, and applied to the skin dense layer. Intensive treatment of skin laxity provides a course of 10 treatments using a clay mask every other day, and keep the skin in good shape will allow the use of a weekly mask of clay. More masks and tips on skin care you will find in the section Caring for skin and body.

In the process of getting rid of sagging skin should also pay special attention to nutrition. By lowering the tone of the skin resulting in excessive use of all kinds of "fast food", sugar, caffeine, alcohol, intermediate products. Eating healthy foods, on the contrary, contributes to the preservation of youth, beauty and health of your skin.

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