Fluffy hair - what to do?

Fluffy hair - what to do?
You interfere too fluffy hair that do not fit in the hair and crawl in all directions? Here are tips that will allow you to make your hair more smooth and manageable.

Few of us are not familiar with the morning rush charges or before an important meeting, when seconds count, and naughty fluffy hair does not want to fit into your hair and stick out in any order. In order to remove the extra fluffiness, in the course are mousses, varnishes, waxes, foams, gels and other recipes for hair care products found on the Internet or received from friends. The main thing is to develop the right strategy to create the desired image.

There are lots of little tricks that can make your hair more smooth and manageable. For example, before you apply conditioner on your hair, try to warm it up a bit, put the bottle in a container with hot water. Preheat the means put on your hair, wrap a towel and leave for 20 minutes.

During the wash shampoo, conditioner or hair mask, do not tilt your head down. Fold the hair back under running water cuticle hair straightened itself in the direction you want. After that, you can comb the hair comb and apply a moisturizing mousse.

During drying hair dryer at the final stage, use the "cold air". Cold air jet will make the hair more smooth, as if polished. Cooling also protects the hair from drying. In exceptional cases, to give smoothness to hair, you can use the pad. Straighten hair strand by strand, pre-treating them with a cream for hair shine.

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