How to remove puffiness under the eyes

How to remove puffiness under the eyes

Swelling under the eyes of the person added - see how to remove the puffiness under the eyes, what to do if you have swells under her eyes in the morning or at a different time of day.

Remove puffiness under the eyes helps the ice

Ice - one of the best remedies for swelling under the eyes. If you are under the eyes swells, take an ice cube and treat the skin around the eyes. Start from the nose, move on top outer edge of the eye, and then from the outer edge of the back fell to the nose. But be careful, because our task - to remove puffiness under the eyes, and do not freeze them. After processing the entire eye area, take another block and attach it to where you swells and driving cube on the area of edema of the eyes to the cheeks, as if squeezing the swelling from the top down.

Remove with eye swelling get even more effective if you use to relieve swelling under the eyes not just frozen water, broth and parsley. This plant contains nutrients successfully cope with the swelling. The broth is prepared very simply - a big bunch of fragrant grass cover with cold water, bring to a boil and let cool, and pour into molds in the freezer.

Massage to remove puffiness under the eyes

Swells under the eyes - not a problem, remove the swelling will help massage. To begin, close your eyes and lightly, without much pressure on the skin, rub the eye area, as if to wash, moving from the nose to the ears. You should see a light sensation of heat. When this happens (usually 2-5 minutes), do acupressure to remove puffiness under the eyes, for this purpose, relax in a comfortable position, close your eyes and do the following exercises:

  • Place the index, middle and ring fingers along the edge of the eye socket so that the tips of his fingers were directed to the eyebrows (the nails should not be much rest on the skin). Click to count to 10, release. Since three times.
  • Put your index finger on the lower edge of the eye socket and 8 times drag them from the top down, gently pressing on the skin. Open your eyes, pat lashes and repeat two more times.
  • Place the pads of the thumb on the closed eyelids and lightly press down on the skin for 10 seconds, take a break and repeat twice more.
  • In the final 30 seconds, pat, where there is a zone of edema under the eyes with fingertips.

Masks from swelling under the eyes

If the swelling under the eyes have repeated with sufficient frequency, remove the swelling will help mask. Do they also like regular facials, ie you put them on the problem area and relax for 15-20 minutes, then wash off with water. Important - all formulations should be put in the fridge for 15-20 minutes, they should be cool.

Here are the simple recipes of masks from swelling under the eyes, which you can easily use at home:

Perfectly removes puffiness mask of parsley - finely cut it fine, if dryish, slightly moisten sparkling mineral water and put in the fridge. After a specified time to get, apply to the skin in the area of ​​bags under the eyes, keep the quarter of an hour and wash off with cool water.

If you swells under her eyes in the morning and you need to do something urgently, your option - grated raw potatoes. Quickly and rubbed where edema. No potatoes in the house - use tea bags, dipped in cool water and eyes.

Anyone who wishes to remove bags under the eyes, traditionally also recommend cucumber pulp. Cucumber peeled, go to the grater and a few seconds later your mask of cucumber pulp ready. Acting under the old scheme, hold for 20 minutes, wash off with cool water.

If the swelling under the eyes of the strong, popular rumor strongly recommends the use of therapeutic buckwheat cakes. Buckwheat slightly calcined in a pan, grind in a coffee grinder to powder, add a little water to make dough nonflowing. This dough for half an hour before bedtime imposes on those sites under the eyes where you are swelling.

What if the swelling does not appear at home or not at hand right products? Out there - in pharmacies and sports stores now sell special gel mask. It takes up little space, like a pack of cigarettes, and is very inexpensive. Enough to put it in the refrigerator or cold water for 15 minutes and it will help you to remove swelling wherever you were.

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