Beauty Secrets of Scarlett Johansson - "I like to change"

Scarlett Johansson - the true embodiment of sensual feminine beauty and natural sexuality, maddening millions of men around the world. Her charm, sophistication and seduction could not remain unnoticed in the world of fashion and beauty, so many famous fashion house chose Scarlett as a person for their products. We represent your attention a small excerpt from her latest interview.

Scarlett Johansson - "I like to change"

You are constantly changing hair color. Blonde, brown hair, brunette, redhead.

I like to change. Changing hair color, you change tsveto-tip appearance, and it is necessary to rethink her wardrobe and makeup. This is extremely interesting, real creativity, she do not know in advance how things will. I read somewhere that in the East generally require women to change hair color every forty days, that for men it was always a new attractive. I think Eastern sages is not for nothing that came up. But a good color in the hair will be only when they are in perfect condition - for hair care ochn I spend a lot of time and use cosmetics, and home hair mask, I consider it necessary.

How you care for your skin?

Skin Care - this is something that I am very responsible. Firstly, because I'm an actress and model, and my skin - my merchandise, in the frame it should look great. Plus I want as long as possible to look young, so I have a few rules that I strictly adhered to. Firstly, every morning I spend the same ritual: I wash the face with mild soap and drink a glass of water with lemon juice. In general, I try to drink a lot of water, it is good for the skin. Also, I never go to bed without first removing the make-up, even if the return at 4 am.

Someone once said to me that it is better not to use creams every day and give the skin "breathe." Now, if given a day off, I give the skin rest.

Another important factor is beautiful skin - face masks. Winter and summer I do them twice a week, in spring and autumn, when the air a lot of moisture and skin naturally moisturized - once a week. In recent years, began to prefer the beautiful jars and packaging homemade facial masks - they are natural, they have no preservatives, parabens, fragrances, and other chemicals, which many in the cosmetics factory.

Make-up for you - is it important?

Yes, make-up needs a woman, I paint every day. Be sure to use anti-wrinkle cream, mascara, blush, pencil Eye shadow (creamy or dry), and lip balm. I think most men like natural makeup, but at the same time, they love it when a girl juicy and bright lips. Use lipstick ruby ​​or cherry color, and you will see the effect! Another thing is that this lipstick should be applied correctly, be sure to use a pencil - you can use make-up tips, how to lipstick, and all men will be at your feet.

As you watch your weight? Do you have a constant diet?

I do not drive themselves to the strict framework, and can afford a hamburger and fries, and a cake without worrying because of the extra calories, because a lot of the time I spend in the gym, well run for 10 minutes more. As for the diet - sometimes I still needed if you want to lose weight for a movie - I like the Swedish diet (in Russia known as the diet 6 petals - approx. Ed) and the French diet yogurt when you eat several times a day and gradually.

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