Beauty A positive peeling

Beauty A positive peeling
You want a more luminous, even and flawless skin hydrated, nourished and toned? If you want to do soon because you have a BBC (wedding, baptism or communion) test based on citrus oil.

It also provides feeling of joy, optimism and energy. "The Joy of Peeling with tangerine sorbet, for example, was made because that generates enthusiasm and is one of the brand values​​. It brings light into the skin, leaving it beautiful, densified and toned. "

Tangerine Essential Oil: "It is a great tonic. This oil stimulates circulation and is suitable for oily, congested or acne. A body level is indicated to decrease fluid retention. A psychic level, stimulates creativity and optimism. Its properties to soothe headaches caused by nerves and stress adds to their ability to combat anxiety, nervousness and insomnia.

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