How to tan without any problems

How to tan without any problems
Before lie on the towel you should know that tanning can be dangerous. Discover how to get a great color without you have consequences that can become disastrous.

Unhurried tanning

Tan is an alarm system that alerts the body the skin is about to burn so the melanin is activated to prevent this. But melanin is not a shield itself is simply a reaction that warns not to go there. So especially during the first three or four days should not sunbathe for more than five minutes and must go directly up the exposure time in a progressive manner. If you also prepares the body with cosmetics that are rich in vitamin C, E and lycopene, much better.

The ears, neck, lips and nose are the body parts most likely to burn although it is true that there are areas that have to suffer the highest incidence of skin cancer. So do not forget them and finishing with sunscreen every few minutes.

When and how to apply the protector?

Do not expect to get to the pool or beach to lie cream. The sunscreen should be applied before leaving home as it has been shown that their assets takes twenty minutes before you start to act as an effective shield.

We must never ever stay short when applying sunscreens. It you apply half of what is specified in the instruction manual, you will be protected only half the time. Whatever the protection factor is used the approximate amount of a dessert spoon in the face and another must be applied at the neckline. A tablespoon in each arm and two tablespoons each of the legs. A in the gut and three in the back.

Sunscreens are usually very unstable and begin degradation at the time of coming into contact with the sun. Currently this degradation is usually kept for a couple of hours minimum, so after that time must reapply.

Moreover textures are not a problem either. Before creams could leave if they had white skin full of glitters physical or chemical filters filters if they had, but now that no longer happens. It is certain that fatty protective achieve better penetrate the skin and protect it much more, but the textures with a touch dry with a matte manage to combine the properties of an oil finish. Moreover products "wet" products have made to adhere to the skin even when it is wet, so you no longer have to wait to dry to re apply sunscreen.

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