Blocker in Secret Places

Blocker in Secret Places

Despite what many girls think, the whole body can be affected by sunlight and you need to beware of areas that seem "hidden", but they really are at risk of very severe burns.

The girls believe that sunscreen should only go in the face and chest , including shoulders , because they are only parts that are exposed to the sun, but they are wrong . Sunlight can reach various points of the body that although women do not feel , also brocearse even start to burn. The most obvious sign is that after returning from the walk to the beach , there is a place that ignites and has a reddish color, and is just a part that never imagined would come to tan.

And actually , the reason is to be attentive and medical aesthetics. The first for the prevention of skin cancer and the second to avoid tan patches , where some parts are gold , some white and some red . One of the most common places that usually get burned by the sun's rays are the ears, and is one area where the girls never apply blocker . The instep of the foot , also often colored as is due , and you need to apply some sunscreen.

One of the mistakes that women make is to believe that the legs below the knee and part of her buttocks are not burned and also part of the body and are made of skin, so obviously the sun make its effect and be much worse , when there is no protection. The armpits are also key in this process of protection and more when a girl falls asleep under the sun. Besides the brands that are very ugly and using armhole sleeve blouse or dress with a halter neck, the result will be unpleasant. Another similar area to the armpit , is the back of the knees , which usually do not apply sunscreen , but if they can burn very strongly .

And last and perhaps the most unpleasant part is the head. And that despite having hair, the scalp is also affected if it happens in cold cities , much more on the beach, as the weather is warm . One of the solutions out there , we add some blocking to some water in a spray and apply it directly on the hair , or another, you wear a hat , but not many are in favor of the second option .

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