Eyelash extensions - You need to know

Eyelash extensions - You need to know

Today, eyelash extension procedure is available to many women. The benefits are clear to all capacity: gorgeous eyelashes at any time of day or night, even without the use of mascara. However, this procedure is fraught with many nuances to be aware of before you make a decision.

Eyelash extensions - you need to know

Firstly, some of the ladies can not do eyelash due to allergies to adhesive or inclination to conjunctivitis. To check whether you carry the adhesive resin on the basis, can be pasted in a beauty salon just a few cilia and walk with them a day or two. In the absence of signs of irritation can be carried buildup.

Also it is not recommended to do the build-up of women who have weak eyelashes or eyelids oily skin. In this and in the other case the extended eyelashes not last long.

Next, you need to be well aware that the procedure of capacity may be unsafe if it is not done properly. Therefore, experts advise to avoid the build-up in private masters who work at home, and even more so to build up the lashes yourself at home. Give preference to eyelash "proven" beauty salons and do not forget to ask the master a certificate of the materials used - so you save time and money, and the health of your personal eyelashes.

And now a few "rules of operation" eyelash extensions. After the procedure, you can not wash in the next few hours to allow the glue to harden. Steam baths are contraindicated for the person for several days after the procedure. Avoid greasy eye cream, because they dissolve the resin-based glue. Rub and indeed once again touch the eyelashes is also not recommended. You have to forget about waterproof mascara, because all it will have to use a special rinsing agent based oils. And to remove the usual mascara enough to use standard gel cleanser and eye makeup remover. You also run the risk of rapidly goodbye to their beautiful eyelashes if you sleep face down. And the sea or in the pool to avoid getting water on the lashes. Also, be aware that not long hold extended eyelashes women wearing contact lenses: each time you remove or put on the lens, you reduce the life of your lashes.

How are eyelash extensions

As regards the procedure of capacity, it is as follows. The natural lash line using a resin glue stick false eyelashes. They can be fixed beams or one (this method provides a long-lasting effect), and for the manufacturing of the eyelashes can be used both natural and synthetic materials. Recent cheaper, but allergic reactions to them are more likely. May also vary the length of the eyelashes from short (8 mm) and long (12 mm). The best option many consider the average length lashes that look more natural. At the beauty salon, you can choose and the type of glue - black or colorless. The first gives the effect of liner, the second - completely invisible.

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