Goodbye to cellulite and fat! with cavitation

Goodbye to cellulite and fat! with cavitation
 Many people have an accumulation of fat in specific areas of your body such as thighs, hips or belly that sometimes are very difficult to reduce even with exercise and a balanced diet .

Then comes the question: How can you do to remove that fat and volume without going under the knife , without anesthetic , which is painless and noninvasive ?

An alternative that meets these requirements is ultrasonic cavitation which is a firming and body molding method .

What is cavitation ?

Cavitation is an irradiation of ultra sound which is performed on the adipose tissue (subcutaneous fat layer ) which causes the creation of steam microbubbles which imploded generate enough energy to disrupt cell membranes of adipocytes walls , thus releasing the fat that is encapsulated there .

After this substance becomes a liquid ( diglyceride ) to be later removed naturally by the body, either through the lymphatic and urinary tract system.

In medicine, ultrasound cavitation effect was used long ago to try specialties such as :
• Nephrology : lithotripsy for the process , break up kidney stones .
• Surgery: ultrasonic scalpels in bloodless dissection and coagulation of tissue.
• Dentistry in teeth cleaning by ultrasound.

Cavitation and its utility

Cavitation can be used by women to reduce cellulite and men who have the classic beer belly , yielding results even more dramatic , as the accumulation of fat in the abdomen is less compact by having more water , so that due to cavitation , can cause more micro bubbles to remove it.

The treatment is safe , and is done by a special machine that works with a double adjustable low frequency ultrasound that concentrates its action exclusively in the area to be treated , providing localized and effective results from the first session .

For maximum effectiveness, it is advisable to combine visits to the clinic with aesthetic treatments lipodrenantes - that facilitate the removal of fat - firming - to - skin look toned and muscular aerobic exercise.

Although from the five sessions are already visible benefits , generally , in assessing major changes , it is possible to lose three inches in three months, experts recommend having an average of eight to twelve sessions , passing between each interval of 10 to 15 days .


If necessary , the doctor makes footprint design with a special marker . By a procedure to handle multiple large sites is not recommended. In one session you can get a reduced volume of 2 cm - 3 cm. No recommended sessions once over 7-10 days. Do not overload the liver and kidneys and the breakdown products of fat cells must necessarily leave the body.

To improve the effect can be injected into the subcutaneous fat of saline injection . Is applied to the skin and the ultrasound gel . Professional select a location depends on the area and the area of deep regeneration program. To form a fold of skin in order to protect the hands of the professional spatula using special design .

The discomfort of exposure to ultrasound should not feel . When any physical discomfort occurs during the procedure, the patient must inform the professional performing the procedure and thus stop or change treatment settings .

At the end of the procedure usually is performed massage the treated area. During a session of 20-30 minutes can be destroyed about 10 cm3del subcutaneous adipose tissue. As a rule, the result of the procedure is immediately and increases in the coming days .

Aspects to consider

The cost of this beauty treatment can range from 75 to 200 euros, depending on the machine used and the area being treated. Its biggest advantage , besides surgery and prevent skin damage , is that its results are lasting

Before undergoing this type of treatment , the person should be evaluated to confirm if there is actually excess fat or is not significant. Cavitation can not make people have any kidney or liver diseases , wearing a pacemaker or other electronic devices , pregnancy , lactation, hypertriglyceridemia , etc. .

Three days before the procedure, you must exclude the use of alcohol, fried foods, spicy foods, fats, to reduce the burden on the liver. Need to consume adequate rich plant food fiber , to ensure the normal function of the gastrointestinal tract amounts .

We recall that this treatment should be supplemented with exercise (usually Recommend vibrating platform ) , adequate food ( preferably by a low calorie diet ) and taking plenty of fluids (two liters of water a day ) for removal can be done with success.

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