What is fiber and why it is needed

What is fiber and why it is needed
Fiber - a key product for the proper functioning of many organs of our body. Dietary fiber contained in plant foods play a vital role in the whole organism and, in particular, in the work of the digestive organs. Cellulose helps cleanse the gastrointestinal tract from the adverse metabolic products, including toxins.

Insufficient intake of fiber has a negative impact not only on the function of the gastrointestinal tract, but also on the whole body. For example, "slagging" of the body leads to a decrease in the effectiveness of the immune system, due to which the body becomes vulnerable to a variety of infectious diseases. But enough of coarse fiber is able to rid the body of the infamous dysbiosis, which is now one of the most common causes of dysfunction of the digestive tract.

Unfortunately, the problem is the prevalence of modern man in his diet of various refined products subjected to pre-treatment. Accordingly, to make up the lack of coarse fiber necessary by changing their diet in favor of plant foods with high fiber content. However, it is not just about fruits and vegetables, but also cereal products made from whole grains. It is appropriate and pasta and wholemeal bread.

Consumption of these products allows us to deliver food in the gastrointestinal tract "correct" structure and density. It is useful for the organism quickly absorbed, but the fats and sugars are absorbed less rapidly. At the same time fiber literally "pops" from the gastrointestinal tract residues of digested food, simultaneously sucking in harmful toxins. Thus, at the same time improves the body's supply of nutrients and facilitated the conclusion of a pollutant.

I must say that refined food is harmful for the fact that its consumption leads to overweight and obesity. Indeed, because of its lack of rough and soft fiber in humans in the process of food is not a feeling of satiety, which means that it continues to have in fact when the body's needs are already met. If such a refined and high-calorie food yet, the appearance of excess fat is inevitable. It is this food is presented in a "fast foods" that are so prevalent in developed countries. Not surprisingly, the problem of obesity and associated diseases development costs for the residents of these countries is very acute.

To normalize the digestive system and the fight against excess weight can be used not only plant foods, but also dietary fiber in the form of finished products sold in pharmacies. These drugs help blunting hunger, which is an additional factor in the diets. However, these drugs can not be considered as a complete replacement of natural foods rich in dietary fiber.

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