Discover The Paleolithic Diet

Discover The Paleolithic Diet

What are the principles of pales diet ?This diet is a lifestyle that will preach the need to learn how our ancestors ate , thereby understanding how our genes are actually responding to stimuli to be providing them through food , physical activity undertaken and lifestyle in general is carried . The concept itself encompasses conduct that is based on the idea to behave as they would if they lived in the open , no electricity, no technology without artificial timetables .

Food and lifestyle paleolithic diet

This diet is easy to understand that we would go waking and sleeping hours long depending on the sun . They consume fish, meat , eggs, vegetables , seafood , fruits , vegetables , nuts and honey rarely. Grains , legumes , dairy products , salt , alcohol , refined sugar and processed oils would be excluded from this diet.

During the summer and during fatter skinnier winters. One or two meals each day would be physical activity and consist of a combination of slow but continuous exercises that should be interspersed with times of increased demand but shorter. The day, of course, would vary depending on the time of year when we met.

People who follow this lifestyle have claimed that implement vitality after you win, lose weight and avoid some of the most common diseases . Also insist that regulates intestinal transit , reduces chronic fatigue , improves mood , improves energy and different skin problems are resolved.

But the fact is that according to many health professionals say that this diet is high protein , restrictive , unbalanced and therefore injurious to health, among other things because the meat is consumed today is not biological and in many cases is hormone- and even treated with various antibiotics . All this combined with the feeding of the animals, you can not compare in any way to the meat that was consumed during the Paleolithic , so the results would not be the same .

Moreover Abuse consumed long proteins may eventually cause damage to the kidneys , liver and even promote the development of cancer, the body being necessary therefore that consumption will always be accompanied by a supplement to help debug such as artichoke and that will help reduce the negative effects of such abuse.

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