Sex for During "Those" Days

Sex for During "Those" Days
It is a taboo to have millions of women worldwide and despite knowing that there are many who have sex during your period, try fear. Keep in mind that to do so, the decision must be made as a couple and you both feel safe and comfortable with maintaining relationships when a woman is menstruating.

This type of situation can be very or common or not so common. There are many who have done it but others are offended at the thought that they can have sex during your period. Assimilate with a lack of hygiene and to respect your partner, as there are many men who also feel disgust and discomfort if this situation were to arise. Paradoxically, in these days of the period, when women begin to feel some increased sexual desire and although sometimes there is discomfort and colic, can more forward.

From this question, there have been many researches and studies, scientists and physicians have come to find certain benefits when a woman has sex during her days. You have to know some secrets or clear some doubts that women have about this topic, for example, having sex is not bad these days, and does not generate problems of rejection by society or unethical, it is a decision that takes a couple and both must agree to be comfortable during the time. It's more about learning to break and clear those fears and doubts that make society because like everything else, for a percentage of people, some may be good, but for another, can be bad. Ideologies can and should be different.

One of the benefits that have been proven , is that sex during menstruation, pelvic helps reduce the inflammation that occurs , reducing pain and may even become much more enjoyable , as the vaginal area that is most lubricated usual. Another point to keep in mind is that this type of sex should be practiced with a partner, someone who is known and not with a person you just met or sexual partner can be a passenger. Also, you should always use a condom, because although there is no risk of getting pregnant if the chances of getting a sexually transmitted disease are increased.

Before the time to do cleaning and ensure hygiene for herself and the other person , for example , wash the vaginal area to remove the characteristic odor being these days. For those who are a little more careful and do not want their partner to be submitted directly to the vaginal discharge, prefer to have sex in the shower or bath , as the water to eliminate odors, reduce the impact of flow and help dilute quickly.

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