Kiss - a Betrayal ?

Kiss - a Betrayal ?

"He 's cheating on me ... His eyes no longer shines delight he stopped to praise my cooking , and kisses me not as much as before ..." " She's someone there - there was a bright lipstick , a skirt above the knee out that she does while I'm not at home ? "

Signs of infidelity see everything differently and relate to change in different ways. Someone thinks treason and admiring glance toward the opposite sex, and even someone a message about sex partner on the side seem of minor importance .

And it's not that - married or not, like it or not . Rather - in character and established relations or agreements reached . If it does not, and can be regarded as a betrayal of a kiss on the cheek and chummy girlfriend hug.

Obvious truth : betrayal - it's non-compliance with the tacit agreement between the partners. And this truth must be admitted.

After all, not only in literature but also in treatises on marriage relationship described cases where a husband and wife agreed in advance of the possibility of someone's physical or mutual infidelity. That is, we are married to define a boundary beyond which - treason .

What pushes the ties on the side of those who love and love ? Men easily amenable to women passing fad and a desire to diversify life. Statistics say that about 80% of the stronger sex at least once , but changed his wife. True, most of them do not consider adultery betrayal , and do not consider " sex on the side " as an excuse to leave the family . But almost all men think women's unforgivable betrayal and unacceptable act, after which followed the rupture of relations .

Women to commit adultery can push lack of emotional relations - was less kind words , flowers, views, and she's looking for adoration on the side. However, women are prone to more drastic solutions : every second of those who changed her husband leaves the family. But the reason for man's betrayal breakup finds only 25 % of women. They come up with excuses, say polygamous men and male assertions readily believe , " she (the other ) for me does not mean anything , it was just so ."

Certainly - betrayal begins with thoughts. But if we talk about physical contact , the first step is to change the kiss. Of course, we are talking about this sensual kiss , not a light touch to the cheek , as is customary when meeting or parting many .

Did you know that the lips hundreds of times more sensitive than the fingertips , sensual kiss that almost twice the pulse quickens and burns up to 15 calories ? Real kiss - is a stress to the body , what to say about his innocence is simply not necessary.

At the same time , a different attitude , no wonder they say : a woman always keeps in mind the first kiss , and the man did not even remember the last one.

According to recent research by American scientists while kissing partner is the detection and the possibility of future sexual relations. 59 % of men and 66 % of women , according to a survey , lost sexual interest in partners after the first kiss .

That is the kiss - it's always research , experiment, search for a partner . Men perceive it as the shortest route to sex or worthy finale loving contact . For them almost irrelevant prescription relationship with a partner, and the kiss itself is less important . Women's attitude to kiss a few other , more serious : a kiss - a criterion for evaluating a partner before, during and after sex .

Most women are not close physical contact without a kiss first . Reducing the frequency and change the style of kiss can contact cooling of relations .

Sensual kiss - a step towards closer relations . And it does not matter - thought this step or a sudden - unexpected. This is a signal of willingness to change . If your partner kisses kissing or allows himself - he admits man in his personal space. Mentally, he has already changed . And with a kiss tasted interest , pleasure, joy of discovery , emotional and physical stimulation . Prior to this , change had already occurred - platonic , and kiss and stuff - it's only logical conclusion desired treason.

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