Secret Emotions of Women

Secret Emotions of Women

Many women face different challenges throughout his life, which makes them feel emotions of various types and usually are not positive. By being mugged, attacked or feel ugly, they can develop episodes of stress, fear and anxiety.

Many events, situations , feelings and impacts which have exposed a woman to do throughout his life , and it is this , which generates or better triggers , a number of emotions that can be taken as dangerous or harmful . Fortunately occur rarely , can be controlled after a moment of rage or pose no harm to others .

Although it does not mean they're going to do anything wrong , many women feel anger accompanied by murderers instincts when receiving compliments or flirting rude, morbid or those who feel attacked and abused so well are not touched. Sometimes only with looks or a couple of words, you can feel totally violated and only his face or eyes , may reflect the temper that then floods . You know you can not do anything against these annoying men , but in his mind a thousand things that make you better think.

Despair is common in most factors and is given by the traffic jam in the morning every day are living in the city , for example, while going to work, which is required spilled chocolate or coffee on clothing when you desire to go, to be damaged zipper skirt or pants or just the lights go out when completing a task or job. When you know not control it generates despair episodes of stress and lived every day , the risk of chronic stress is greater .

Envy may be the bread and butter , because they feel envious of the woman who is more beautiful , which is bad high , which has a fresh and striking look , which has a better job or perhaps have a car . Feel envious of those who have curly hair or whose smile more hits those around . To personality may be an aspect to envy , because they usually have this emotion for those with ease to socialize with others, who can talk about whatever and not get bored or want to run when they first meet others.

Linked to the previous excitement this inferiority, that fear less feeling than the others that are not as flashy physically or emotionally or intellectually . Thus are born and some self-esteem issues , should be treated with urgency, because they become more traumas and when society feeds .

Fear is also something that often feel , for receiving conqueteos or nice words of a man seen in the conveyance or in a street, can get to steal it or want to hurt . Often men may be sincere , but prevention is always better without obsessing that everyone will hurt .

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