Ways to Love away

Ways to Love away
Love for some women produce great fear, because despite wanting the perfect guy and happier relationship, responsibly assume the fact of holding a long term relationship and behaviors begin to take them away from others.

Many women take a strong and tender love, a man who loves, who wants them, respect them, give them heaven and earth, the care and promise them everlasting love and although relations today are not very stable, there if people want to have durable and full of joy and stability relations. But sometimes certain female attitudes, motives may be generated to drive away the real love.

1. The first is that a woman is often away from itself, loses interest and self-love , and instead of seeking help or achievements seek to find obstacles , problems , destructive criticism and see what they do wrong . It is also bad when seeking an ephemeral or trying to look good to the other club, can fall into addiction , alcoholism, compulsive gambling, as main refuges , but in reality may be different . The purpose of a person loves herself , is seeking ways to be responsible, get ahead and understand that mistakes but can not reach rock bottom , for example, if a girl knows she's left neglected his studies , but still within his party life , probably the perfect guy , prefer to seek a woman who worried about your future and not only think of dancing every weekend and not acquire responsibility and maturity .

2 . Fears are normal, but the exaggerated fear that a rejection occurs, can generate a very large distance between a woman and a man and when the boy has endeavored to conquer it , for Love and want to show that if the accept and fight for it . Meanwhile , a woman who is afraid is usually nervous , shy , anxious, negative social behavior and amid fears begins to take a very negative attitude .

3 . Another fears that usually begin to destroy a relationship that can be the perfect , is that she is consumed by this love, that is, that supposedly make you will lose time , friends , moments and experiences, be aware her boyfriend , love or partner . It may not happen, but as the situation is predisposing , began to damage what could probably be best. It depends on each person and how their decisions take his life , the way the organization does and how to allocate time in all the important people and activities.

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