Do not talk to a woman?

Do not talk to a woman

At the first appointment is likely that both people are nervous and amid the desire to get a topic to speak, make the mistake of touching topics that women obviously bored. So it is up to women to have some initiative and not let the poor, nervous man, make mistakes.

And not because they are forbidden topics but because they are fully themed fully aburridoras for them and probably if a guy wants to get a girl with some of them, completely lost, because no motivation or generate interest, not even in the communication, is the most basic. Although an appointment can generate some very nervous and anxiety episodes, look how the time is no fun and reloading all the responsibility on the guy that can probably be worse than the neural girl.

It is not preventing the men telling them not to tell them about certain topic, but if you try to raise issues and that he thought of what they like is made, what makes them laugh and what catches their attention talking to entertain for hours.

- On a first date should avoid talking about pain, health problems, illnesses or other physical complaints related to the body and then a girl what you expect is to see a healthy, happy, bouncy boy. Otherwise it is better to stay at home resting up and go when he feels good. This kind of advice can also be used for a best friend who needs guidance about how to seduce a woman.

- Another of the mistakes that men make to draw attention, is to start talking in technical and overly elegant, because in these times people speak normally, but not caring to every word I say is heard pretty. It is best to be present as it is, quiet, serene, smiling and with a very natural and positive attitude. They do not seek to be a prince nor a person who does not know and greet and begins to pass rude.

- In this world are the women who are surprised sports, but it does not mean 100% you like them. So you have to avoid touching such issues as well as they can be a good start can also be heavier and less enjoyable to play and much less subject during an appointment.

- The cars and everything that has to do with them, function as sports: they are nothing attractive to women, so it is advisable not mentioned even by mistake. It is best that a woman raising a myriad of ideas and the boy decided by which one can start generating a long topic of conversation.
- The past relationships, ex girlfriends, ex boyfriends, emotional pain generated by a break, and infidelities are terrible, Fear not important at the time and are nothing suitable for appointment, in which both forgive may be interested, but which aspects begin to generate fear, distrust or disappointments touch.

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