How to emphasize the waist

How to emphasize the waist
Well, who among us does not dream of a slim waist, which makes the female figure so appealing! And to emphasize the waist can be easily - without resorting to complicated tricks, but only properly selecting clothes. Can refer to the help Waist corsets, we also tell you about the less "traumatic" techniques that will make a visual emphasis on the waist and help you look slimmer.

1. First of all, wanting to emphasize the waist, look at the colors and pattern of your clothes. Choose plain wardrobe items, if you want to make your waist look thinner. Especially good for this dark colors because dark colors make the contours of the figures more clearly emphasize the waist and allow more graphically. On the other hand, from clothing with patterns also should not be abandoned: the question is, what kind of pattern to choose. For example, the vertical lines in the waist also have fit us, "slimming" effect.

2. Another tip for those who want to emphasize the waist - Complete your wardrobe dresses and blouses with a smell, their silhouette can simultaneously emphasize the chest area and visually reduce waist.

3. To emphasize the waist, take into service reception focusing on the upper part of the figure. Remember that on the background of more voluminous upper body almost any waist look thinner. For example, this effect allow to achieve shoulder pads, cut-outs in the shape of a square or boat, lush flounces on her blouse. With the same purpose, you can apply one very simple trick: several unbutton the top of the ensemble. This technique not only to draw attention to the chest (which in itself is intriguing), but will visually increase the top, whereby the waist automatically lose a few centimeters.

4. Belts and straps - a great way to emphasize the waist. But only if it really is, but not when you want to create it - full of ladies have a habit drag away waist belt, but such a maneuver may give the opposite result (clothes will "bulge" in the abdomen). For thin slender girls quite a narrow belt, can be bright colors to highlight the waist waist to draw attention to it. If you do not like a reed, to emphasize the waist is better to take a strap or belt, for example, scarf, belt or sash.

5. You can create a feminine silhouette using the slim line of jackets and coats. Please note that darts were strictly "in their places" (so you will achieve the maximum slimming effect). But coats and jackets free cut costs set aside, because they make the silhouette more baggy.

6. stylists advise the girls who tend to emphasize the waist, combine fitted top with an A-shaped "bottom"
. For example, the fit slightly flared skirts knee-length. Help emphasize the waist and pencil skirt with a high waist, especially if you select the desired zone strap. With a narrow waist and skirt are possible with low-slung. By the way, low landing perfectly "works" and on the trousers. But pay attention to important details, such pants should sit very well in the figure, so as not to create unnecessary baggy folds. The greatest effect of harmony can be achieved with a sufficiently long pants, because the model covering the shoes, visually lengthen legs and stretched silhouette.

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