Stubborn Girls Relationship

Stubborn Girls Relationship

There are many women, mostly young, who are adopting the image of difficult woman, but have not noticed that with some of their attitudes, may be alienating others and especially men who can be sincere and want to have a stable relationship.

There are some women who tend to be complicated or difficult at the time to build a relationship and even make new friends male type . They try to create a dry, cool and tough image in society, those who can defend themselves , they do not need and absolutely nothing much less need love or some kind of feeling . But there's always a "but " in this class of women , there is no exception , and although for some men pose a great challenge to conquer a woman with these characteristics should evaluate some cons that can live if they are involved in this challenge.

The main thing is that this kind of girls can not be described , ie , you are so locked into their world and their decisions , no one can know for sure what they think, want, feel . They are also women who change their minds a lot of personality, taste , lifestyle , to act. Being one of them , means being with several girls at once , but having to mystery and uncertainty.

 For your emotional and character instability, are women who are not very clear what they want and so as a day can be happy , the next day , hate with the depth of his being, and the third day , they can be very sad and depressed. Although they have reason to be happy, always find something to complain or find a problem.

Although it is good to fend for itself, is a big problem that you do not need to make anyone that can do it all by mass and thus do feel like a zero to want help or support .

Are very proud and often whimsical . They do not like stuffed animals, kitsch , or other details . No one really knows that catches their attention , but when it comes to conquer , it becomes a real problem discovering what motivates or at least generates minimal joy or excitement. Because of this behavior , do not express their emotions easily , and do not deliver anything loving to others, in fact , fear that the other person hurt them.

They like to be different from other girls around them, think they know everything that you can live your life and maturity , has no point of comparison, or at least I believe .

 As they try to get attention, without having an emotional bond with anyone and that people notice their different personality , often exaggerate any situation, believe in nothing and no one , let alone in this thing called love, so naturally , women tend to be unfaithful .

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