Signs that indicate you do not love you anymore

Signs that indicate you do not love you anymore

 In couple relationships is essential to feel a mutual love. But there are times when even hear each day "I love you", the proceedings do not come to demonstrate and makes us unhappy. And love is just the opposite. Assuming that there will be better days and worse, this feeling should make us believe and know that you are with a person who is capable of loving us and makes us feel good.

Feeling of exhaustion

If you are exhausted both mentally as physically, spiritually and emotionally, can not be love. When you feel you do not have power to review and your partner is in control of all your feelings and what is going on in the relationship, it may be an indication that you do not really love. And it is that love should empower both and make people feel two very important parts of a relationship.

If you lose your way to be

If just to make the happy couple are you leaving aside your own personality, continually accepting what they want, if you lose your orientation and raisins to become a dependent of the person next to you is another sign clear that this relationship is not healthy. Keep in mind that love is not synonymous with sacrificing your tastes and your personality on the other, but to find a balance that makes you enjoy the two together for each of the qualities and because of other defects .

Jokes and humiliation

A sure sign that you do not want is when you begin to humble yourself before people or make fun of your personality. If you comment when it shows no interest in changing or is receptive to what you're counting, do not hesitate. Love has to be kind and considerate to all.

When one is not good enough for him

If you constantly says or implies that you're not good in any sense, certainly not love you. A relationship has to be based on mutually supportive and encouraged. Always surround yourself with people that you can consider and be proud of how you are and of course, vice versa.

If you control

If you feel completely controlled, it is not love. When you start doing things you do not crave just to avoid an argument or conflict, so you're thinking you happier, it will dominate your life and that is far from healthy in a relationship of any kind, much less partner. Do not neglect or forget who you are for someone else.

Although it is not easy to realize that your partner no longer feels love for you when you still feel about him, if you identify with some of the signs that you have shown, ask yourself if it is truly love despite what you can you say. And is that attitudes and how you behave are what truly matter.

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