The search for the perfect figure

The search for the perfect figure
It is clear that this perfection is not really true, and in the case of women who will never be completely happy with what they have so be nice, and seek better and better, provided you do not win them laziness, the years or some outside these circumstances.

For a girl, have an enviable figure is almost a dream and hope not such a difficult task or do not require them great challenges, but s want to achieve an almost perfect body, is a question a lot of discipline.

One of the areas of the body most headaches usually generates them is the abdomen, as it is the first part where you start to see evidence that has gained some weight and that sagging or bulging, it notes the others. But is not serious when they act in time, it's about controlling the diet and do not eat as many meals and sweets and exercising the easiest way there: climbing stairs two by two steps or jump rope a few minutes, probably will effect in the belly and in no time.

But not everything can be to work the abdomen, because both legs and arms, also tend to gain weight. In the case of the first, nothing better than walking the 30 minutes that everyone knows, but in which no one believes or everyone gives laziness. Well really work and how important is with a brisk without being making continuous breaks. To complement this activity, nothing better than performing a squat, and they are 15 and secure the tail, it will evidence. But beware! You have to do this kind of activities minimum 3 times per day for the process is fairly quick and the body feel better, because if it is done only once a week would probably not be as effective.

The skin also becomes dry and suffers from fatigue, so you have to make peels at least once a week and use products whose active ingredients are oats, vitamin E or aloe vera. The skin will rejuvenate, will be very hydrated and healthy. If a girl wants the appearance of your skin is much better, more effective is to take water and radically eliminate diet sodas and minimize the amount of candy consumed.

The rest of the tips, most girls know them, it is just a matter of putting them into practice: the consumption of fruits and vegetables, use of sunscreen and food intake about 5-6 times a day and equitably, for the body to better assimilate food and delete what you do not need.

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