Make Healthy make your perfect smile

Make Healthy make your perfect smile
Learn how to enjoy the lips, teeth and a beautiful mouth. Learn how you can have a truly perfect smile implementing some wonderful tips that will get your smile becomes your best weapon to seduce.

Brushing after every meal

Every time you eat some food is necessary brushing teeth, or at least three times a day. You should never go to bed without conducting a thorough dental cleaning. Brushing should be fast and intense Loosely at the top of the molars and teeth to avoid damaging the gums. The tongue should be brushed gently with circular movements. Remember to change your toothbrush every three months.

Avoid acidic drinks or sweetened

Soft drinks and acidic juices such as lemon, orange or grapefruit whether natural or not, decalcified enamel of teeth, causing premature wear. Tea, wine or coffee the stain. In any case it is best to consume as little as possible or alternatively use a straw.

Beware of sudden temperature changes in food

If you have chosen to eat a cold starter dish, you'll have to wait for the main course to warm up a bit. In like manner must make mealtime an ice cream or cake that have just come out of the fridge. And these changes can provoke increased tooth sensitivity and inflame the blood vessels of the gums.

Farewell to snuff

Components having cigarettes cause a loss of mucosal permeability reducing the tissue oxygenation. This results in premature aging and a weakness in the tissues surrounding the teeth making it more likely to reach the teeth fall out. Besides nicotine stained teeth.

Be cautious of toothpaste you use

Exists in the market a lot of toothpaste but most of them have abrasives that damage tooth enamel. Therefore it is best to use a natural brand or lean on natural remedies.

Maintain hydration

Saliva aims to take care of the mouth and teeth of bacteria. It is therefore very important that ingest plenty of water to achieve the glands produce more saliva. While sleeping creating saliva is much lower, so it is advisable to brush your teeth at night before bed for leftovers do not amount to become future caries.

Eating an apple a day

With an apple stains teeth, especially the front are deleted. You should eat shell and bite with these parts. It is also advisable enjoy pears, celery or carrots, yes, always raw. The banana also has good properties to get teeth whitening. Just rub the inside of the shell teeth.

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